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Problem with signing into Xbox live on the Xbox console itself.

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i have set up a brand new email account just for my xbox, i have registered as a silver member of live. the problem occurs when trying to sign-in on the xbox, i enter my detials as the instructions state and i get an error message, 'This Windows Live ID is associated with a different gamertag. Enter another Windows ID and Password'. i am unsure of what this means, and when i asked a member of staff at Game Station they gave me a number for Microsoft, which i have been told not to ring, because they charge an arm and a leg for every minute u speak to them.

i am holding off purchasing Gold-Membership until i can get the silver to work, becasue i dnt want to have to pay for something that i can get to work.

does anyone have a solution to this problem, i would greatly appreciate the help

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    Well, firstly, I can tell you Xbox Support (1-800-469-9269) is Toll-Free meaning that they don't charge at all to get support.  I don't know where you were told you'd have to pay, but whoever said that, doesn't know what they're talking about.

    Secondly, it sounds like you may not be at the right screen, if you are already registered as a silver member and you want the Gamertag on your console (I'm assuming you registered/signed into with that email?), then you want to do "Recover Gamertag", which can be found on the dashboard of the Xbox 360 after passing the Initial Setup (the set up that starts on a brand new xbox).  What you wanna see is the dashboard (a bunch of square tabs) then do the following:

    Press the big silver X button on the middle of the controller > (make sure you aren't signed in to any profiles, if you are, then at this point you will press the BLUE X button on your controller, goto Sign Out, and then hit Yes) > Click the GREEN A button after highlighting Recover Gamertag > Enter the email address and password that you say you just set up > Hit Continue/Next > Wait a moment while it downloads your profile and Voila! You now have your xbox live account on your xbox! :)

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    thanks you very much, it has worked.

    i was told by a member of staff in Game Station that it charged to phone the number.

    it shows that they don't do there job very well, when they give out false information.