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Error Code 80162711

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I just added the family pack membership to my account so I could my wife an Xbox Live account.  It shows I have added her in the family centre at and when she logs in she still has a Xbox Live Free account. Yet under her membership it says Family Pack Gold but if you click on it it comes up with error 80162711.  She can not access any multiplayer games cause she still has the free account.


I was curious on what this error is and how do you go about to get her membership to connect to the family pack.

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    Have you tried removing her from the Family Plan, waiting the 5-7 day period, and then adding her back in?

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    I'm trying to figure out what the error is as well.I purchased the Family Gold pack and added my wife and son.My son and I were in a game for about ten minutes and then he was booted from the game.Now,when he tries to join a game,he receives error code 80162711.We haven't made any changes to his settings since the last time a purchase was made on his system.He doesn't have a different Gold membership on his account.

    I'll probably try Mister Gwyther's suggestion,I'm just not happy with that idea.Waiting 5-7 days for something that we just seems like a slight ripoff,time lost is still time lost,regardless of how long of a period of time.

    It would also be nice if Microsoft had information on said error code in the Error Code section,rather than leaving us to search out other members for their assistance.


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    The LIVE agents can help bypass the delay.
    Choose Option 1 after calling your support number at although it's faster to go to & Request A Call
    replace the red US if you do not live in the US with your country code
    (i.e., CA pour Canada, GB for the UK, et al.)

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE