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Account Stolen, Migrated to Russia and can't be migrated back?!?!

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On 9/4 my XBox Live account was stolen and then migrated to Russia and my credit card charged for Microsoft points.  I Promptly called Microsoft and they put it into investigation and locked the account.  While on the phone with the rep. we managed to get the password reset and I gained control of the account again.  After a couple of weeks the account was given back to me with full control, 10/3, and my money refunded except for one big issue.................the account is still migrated to Russia.  I was told today on the phone there is no way for them to migrate it back to the United States.  As an 8 year subscriber to XBox Live with multiple purchases, downloads, and my gamerscore I find this practice completely ridiculous.  Why have an option for a migration if it can not be reversed?!  It is an open door for criminals to completely *** loyal customers.  I was told I could receive compensation but that doesn't mean anything if I can not have the full functionality of my account back.  Because it is in russian I can not read anything, watch any videos, use netflix or download anything.

Is this anyway to treat a loyal customer?  I don't think so and I am severely disappointed that I am being told nothing can be done.  They put the account back into investigation to have it migrated back but I was told multiple times it isn't possible.  So I don't know what they hope to achieve except offer me the loss of my 8 years of XBox gaming and the option to use a new account.  I'm furious!!  And yes this is my original account I am posting from it via the translator in google chrome.  

If anyone wants to try to help, spread this story around or complain to Microsoft about this ridiculous business practice please do!

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    I seem not to be the only one to have their account compromised around this time.

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    I just read some more info and ti seems I will not be able to buy any content or renew my subscription even if I could read Russian as the card used has to have a Russian address.  So in  8 months time this account will be completely dead!

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    I was reading up online trying to find you a helpful answer, but i cannot find very much.. I did find that you can migrate your account once every 12 months (that sucks ***) and that you should be able to change your language back to english from the dashboard, by turning it on without signing in, moving all the way to the right of that menu, and pressing A, then press A again, then go down twice and press A, english should be at the top. I would keep talking to microsoft support about this region change thing, they should be able to undo that.

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    Thanks for trying to help, I talked to them about the 12 month thing but the issue is they could speed up the migration but the migratable countries do not include the United States :(.

    I also did change the language to english on the dashboard so at least my games and the main console page is in english.  Everything that is xbox live related though is still in Russian.  It sucks a lot right now. I was on the phone with support for an hour or more yesterday and even the manager told me there is no way for them to change it back.  

    I really appreciate you trying to help though I just don't see why they can't change the region back it's ridiuclous.  I was told it was against some laws on multiple occassions but when I asked what law they could not tell me.

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    Funny thing is I just found someone who had their account migration reversed, even though it was UK to the US.  2nd Post BDGE

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    surely they could migrate you somewhere where they can migrate you again to US. I know its backwards but by that logic I mean why not?

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    Hey guys! So here's the deal with migrations: the only regions you can migrate to are the 9 new ones listed on the site. I don't believe phone support will manually move someone else, but they would be the only people to contact about it ( No one here on the forums will be able to assist you with this particular issue. Also, make sure to reference the SR# from the investigation when you call back.

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    That is part of the logic I considered as well CISphil but it seems to not be true.  And Gwyther i'm aware of not being able to manually move someone or even acquire help on the forum for this issue.  I contacted phone support as I said and was told flat out by the representative and their manager that it is impossible to move the account back to a United States account.

    However today I called again and got a lady who was extremely helpful and went through more of the investigation with me.  She says it has been escalated and the case is remaining open and I should receive an answer within 3 days.  Also I got in contact with the other user who had their account hacked and then migrated to UK and successfully migrated back to a US account.  So there does seem to be hope despite what phone support originally told me.  It is a shame when so many people are spouting misinformation to me though and swearing up and down nothing can be done.

    About an hour ago I received an email from a member of the "Exceptions" team and they should be calling me this week to further discuss the case.  

    Gwyther could you please keep the thread open until then as I would like to post up the resolution positive or negative, preferably positive.  I don't know if there are rules for threads staying open or not........And Gwyther thanks for replying and trying to help I do appreciate it :)

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    Something is being done with it now it seems as my account went from 8 months of xbox live to zero now.  I keep being asked to add payment information and all my friends and online games are not available at the moment.  Looks like action is being taken.........../crosses fingers

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    Also I got in contact with the other user who had their account hacked and then migrated to UK and successfully migrated back to a US account.

    That's not possible, either, since the UK isn't one of the migratable regions any more than the US is. Whatever that user thinks happened, it wasn't a UK migration followed by migration back to the US. (Maybe there was simply UK profile info filled in.) Really, you need to expect that you won't be migrating your stolen, recovered profile out of Russia unless there have been major, unannounced changes in profile management and support... but a support agent is in this thread telling you that that hasn't happened.

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    And really I should not be sitting here expecting my account to not be migrated back.  That is completely unacceptable for Microsoft to have this option without any sort of confirmation or protection in case of a security breach such as this.  You know what happened when my account got compromised I got one email saying my email address was changed and that was it.  A simple security measure such as an email with a link to click to confirm the change sent to the original email address would have prevented this entire situation.  Just simple practices such as two layer authentication as I just mentioned could have saved a large number of accounts on here.

    Like I have said before I have been a subscriber to xbox live since it's infancy and to think for one second that a compromised account can not be rolled back to it's original settings prehack is inexcusable.  What would you do if you lost your 8 year old live account?  I have been a loyal customer for years and I expect some form of help in this.  And it is obvious I am not a random or isolated case there are numerous people on here having the same issue so it needs to be addressed.  I'm doing everything in my power to get this changed back and I will not stop trying until that happens.

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    I got a call yesterday from the XBox exceptions team with the same information as I have been told previously. There is no way to migrate the account back to the united states at the moment. We are working on it and do not have a timeframe for when it will be fixed. We do not know the exact code or law that prevents us from doing this.

    They did give me a 3 month code for xbox live gold though...........but I won't be using it I have no desire to play xbox anymore unless I have my original account back in full working order. Having 8 years of games and DLC unavailable to me just completely killed my desire to play.  I'll go back to PC gaming there are a lot of good releases coming soon with Star Wars The Old Republic and maybe even Diablo 3.

    And I have to think that there has to be a security breach or something going on at Microsoft. My friend just got hacked as well and his credit card charged of course he was lucky and didn't have his account migrated.   And considering all the cases of this on this forum it really points to something.  I'll continue to update as things progress.........