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Xbox Live 1 Month for $1.00?

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This seems too good to be free of a catch. My question is, can this method be trusted? If I do purchase this, will there be other costs in order to get it and is it renewable? If it is renewable, is it easily canceled? I currently don't have Xbox Live but I would like to have it when Halo 4 comes out so this is rather important. 

Thank you. 

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    Greetings, AnIronKnight. If you're seeing this offer from the dashboard then yes, it is an official promotion and can be trusted. The terms of the promotion should be available wherever you see the offer. And yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time by calling phone support for your region.

    As this question is related to promotions, I'm going to move this over to 07 – Using Xbox promotions or special offers. If you have any further questions they will be best answered there.

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    This is a promotional offer, the $1 / 1 month means that you get Xbox LIVE for the first month for $1, after that it renews on the then current monthly rate of $9.99 USD. You can cancel it at any time by turning off automatic renewal by following the directions here.

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