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Promoción de 500 puntos por activar la renovación del Gold de 12 meses via tarjeta de claves y no me los han puesto.

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La penultima semana de Enero (23 enero) me aparecio una promoción en el Live de Xbox para que renovase mi subscripción de Gold (que estaba a punto de acabarse) activando un código de una tarjeta de 12 meses.

El día 24 de enero renove mi subscripción, desde ese momento la promoción no volvio a aparecer en Live de mi Xbox . Espere unos días pero como no me aparecian los puntos abri una incidencia:   Service Request Number1170242403 . Me indicaron que esperase de 6 a 8 semanas y todavia no me han dado los puntos.

Me gustaria saber si alguien me puede solucionar el problema o indicarme como hacerlo.




The penultimate week of January (January 23) appeared to me a promotion at Xbox Live to renew my Gold subscription (which was about to end) activating a code card 12 months.

On January 24 I renewed my subscription, since then the promotion did not return to appear on my Xbox Live. Wait a few days but as I opened points appeared a problem: Service Request Number 1170242403  .They told me to wait 6 to 8 weeks and still have not given me the points.

I wonder if someone can solve the problem or tell me how.



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  • Thanks for the update! I've sent you a PM with more info. Thanks!

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    Hello kurodachi! We would love to help! I do need to ask a few more questions so that I can better understand the issue, however. What specific promotion did you take part in? What was the offer? Have you checked your email inbox for any emails about your promotion?

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program

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    La promoción que estaba en Xbox live, era una promoción que aparecio a finales de Enero 2012,  (ya que yo renovaba a mediados de febrero) y tenia dos opciones, renovar via tarjeta de credito y me daban un par de meses extra o renovar con una tarjeta prepago de claves y me daban 500 puntos microsoft. Yo opte por esta segunda opción. Renove con una tarjeta prepago el dia 24 de Enero y la oferta desaparecio y no me ingresaron los puntos. Escribi a soporte y me aconsejaron esperar 8 semanas.

    Y sigo esperando.


    The promotion was in Xbox live, was a promotion that appeared at the end of January 2012, (since I renewed in mid-February) and had two options, renew via credit card and they gave me a couple of extra months or renew with a key prepaid card and gave me 500 microsoft points. I opt for the second option. Renove with a prepaid card 24 of January and supply disappeared and not entered me the points.I wrote to support and advised me to wait 8 weeks.
    And I am still waiting.]


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    Hey kurodachi! As Miss Portia requested above - Can you confirm that you have checked all emails linked to your gamertag for an email containing these points? Including all spam/junk folders? Also, we're having trouble finding a promotion that includes 500 MSP. There was a promotion to redeem a 12M prepaid card at the time you did that included 400 MSP, does this sound more familiar?

    [Oye kurodachi! ¿Como Miss Portia pidió anteriormente - puede confirmar que ha activado todos los correos electrónicos vinculados a su gamertag para un correo electrónico que contenga estos puntos? ¿Incluyendo todas las carpetas de correo basura/no deseado? Además, estamos teniendo problemas para encontrar una promoción que incluye 500 MSP. ¿Hubo una promoción para canjear una tarjeta prepago de 12 M en el momento que hizo que incluye 400 MSP, hace a este suena más?] 

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    Hi kurodachi, I am going to move this thread to the 07 Promotions board so you can get your help.

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    Los correos asociados a mi cuenta están activados, de hecho tengo los correos de este hilo.

    También tengo el correo de activación de los 12 meses.

    En cuanto a los puntos, no estoy seguro, pensaba que eran 500, pero podrían ser 400.


    The email associated with my account are activated, in fact I have emails from this thread.

    I also have the email of activation of the 12 months.

    As for the points, I'm not sure, I thought they were 500, but they may be 400.


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    Thanks for the reply Kuro! I'll look in to this and get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

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    Tengo exactamente el mismo problema, ya hable 7 veces a los telefonos de atencion a clientes, y los operadores, a mi parecer parecer negarse a ayudarme de algun modo, siempre me dicen que les llame más tarde para que ellos "investiguen" mi caso

     I have exactly the same problem, I talk about 7 times a phone attention to customers and operators, in my opinion seem to refuse to help me in any way, I always say to call them later that they "investigate" my case

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    Hey there Spell! Please ensure that you have checked all attached emails as suggested above, and if you still cannot find the code, please create a new thread in this forum and we will assist you there. Thanks!

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    Hey Mister Gwyther.

    Did you found something? I still waiting you. I can send you the confirmation mail of gold renovation,24 of january. Or any information about it.

    Thanks in advance

    Hola Mister Gwyther

    has encontrado algo? todavia sigo esperandote. te puedo enviar el mail de confirmacion de la renovacion del gold, del 24 de enero. O cualquier otra informacion relacionada.

    Gracias por anticipado.

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    Hey there, sorry we let this drop. I have, and it does appear that you qualified for the 400 MSP promo. If this is alright with you, I can get you squared away. Let me know, thanks!

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    ok, try to put me the 400 points.

    bien, intenta ponerme los 400 puntos

  • Thanks for the update! I've sent you a PM with more info. Thanks!