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1 Month Free Gold Trial on Dashboard

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Currently, I'm a Silver Live user, meaning my Live membership is free. I have never upgraded my account into Gold and today, I have tried getting the current 1 month trial Gold membership that is displayed on the dashboard but when I click on "Confirm Purchase" I got an error message saying: 

"Premium content is blocked for this profile. To change your privacy & online settings, go to Settings, Privacy."

I have done this and it turned out that that my "Purchasing" was blocked. However, I have changed that into "Allowed", signed out of Xbox Live and signed back in. I have tried to purchase the free membership once again, but the same error message came up. I checked the settings and the Purchasing is "Allowed", so why is the message popping up and why can't I purchase the free trial?

Is anyone else having this problem? What should I do?

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    Hello Suzii,

    in order to get the one month free trial from the dashborad you will need to have a valid payment method to your account (credit card/paypal)even though the month is free. You will be charged after this month is over,so you will need to turn off auto renewal.

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    In your billing information, have a valid credit card or paypal account connected to your gamertag.

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    How do i confirm my valid payment method