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Do you still get 1 months Free Gold For A New Account on New Xbox

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Im sure this has been asked many times before, so I appolgise for that, but I have just created my first new account on my new xbox slim and I didnt get offered the 1 months gold for free. I have payment options linked to the acount.  I was wondering if having used my old profiles on the xbox may have made a difference, or if having the dashboard beta currently on the xbox may have had an effect. Or perhaps that one of the richest companys in the world is too tight to give me 1 month to fully test their product.  thanks to anybody who helps.

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    You do still get 3 1 month trials on a new console.  The tag must be new and created on the console.  When asked to sign up for gold, say no and the trial will be offered.

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    Thank you for answering, but that is what I did.  The console did not ask me when I created the account if I wanted to sign up for gold.  After I asked this question here, I asked a friend of mine in the states  who has just replaced his old xbox, and he has had the same thing.

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    Don't believe this has anything to do with the console beta at all, that's something that's embedded in the system. If the console was new you should have received this prompt when making the account on the console. It cannot be an existing account and it has to be made new only on the console for the prompt to pop up.

    If you did not and you have not made 3 accounts that have redeemed these 1 month gold trials then you will need to contact phone support and speak with them. They should be able to see how many accounts were made on the console with your console id/serial number (if they can't personally they should be able to escalate it).

    Please reach out to them here

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