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Can't Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Data Pack

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I wan't to Download an Update(Data Pack) for PES 2012.

In the game, I start it up, go to the "Extra Content" section and to Data Pack. It isn't greyed out, and when I select it, it asks me if I wan't to download it, I say yes, and it loads up a different screen.

When it loads up, instead of showing the update(s), it just shows more information, detailing info on the game, and nothing else.

Help would be very much appreciated :)

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    I have contacted XBOX LIVE and been told that KONAMI have not published the PES 2012 Data Pack to the XBOX  live at all!!  KONAMI only published it to the PS3!

    KONAMI is very terrible!

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    Ok guys let put all together what have been done and suggested so far.

    - We have called Xbox & Konami to check what the error

    - So far both have deny is their problem

    - Now the truth is that there is other gamers for Xbox 360 around the world (This is CONFIRMED) able to play MLOL everyday since update had been released from Konami on 12 Oct 2011

    - Everyone of you are able to check on other Xbox Live website there is data pack available (CONFIRMED countries are US, HongKong, Aus, Korea maybe some others I did not check all) except Singapore

    - So who is telling the truth who is putting the blame to the other party.

    - We just want our problem solved why is this dragging on and on

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    Hey guys! So I checked into this on our end and it looks like if you are seeing this screen then the content is most likely not available in your region. I was able to download this on our test accounts both from the console and the website just fine. Sorry for the confusion.

    Xbox Community Ambassadors Team
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    hi Mister Gwyther,

    Is there any information about the DLC content (Data Pack) being available at the region we are in now (Singapore to be exact & other gamers from other countries having the same problem)

    - This suggested answer u have given I have long noticed it, however we still do not have a reason why is this unavailable at our region.

    - 2nd We the gamers are able to play the MASTER LEAGUE ONLINE MODE previously upon buying the game, till the latest (data pack) was released on 12 Oct 2011 we was then unable to play anymore.

    - I dare to assume Konami do not want to release an DLC to stop the gamers from playing their game, as this DLC if FREE.(So what their intention?)

    - Hope we can get a better clarification on this. Thanks

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    Ok guys it seems we are now making progress with this problem. After sending numerous e-mails & me having to call konami/xbox regarding this I finally was taken seriously & konami in europe sent me an e-mail telling me that they have now found that there is a problem with downloading the data pack on xbox live for certain countries. This is apparently due a technical issue which is too long for me to explain to you here which only they also understand. Konami in Europe actually sent me like three e-mail after each other requesting various information from me so I can assure you that they are working on the problem from what I can see, I have also sent them a link to this forum so they did have a look at all our concerns we stated here in this forum regarding the problem, they even said to me thank you very much for contacting us with this problem which I think they did not know exists. Something I also picked when communicating to them is that they asked me to send them a digital photo of page 27 of the game manual which is included with your game, on the page you will see that the game has a warranty which indicates that konami has provided this game to xbox with no defects & must work properly, so if they dont solve this problem we as their clients can take further action regarding the warranty & they would then be forced to re-call the product with defects of the market which will cost them losing thousands of sales which is something they will want to avoid at all costs. I can e-mail a copy of the e-mail they sent to me telling me that it is under investigation with a reference number for the issue at their offices, you can e-mail at then I will forward you the e-mail for peace of mind that it is been attended to. I am a loyal PES fan & hope they will solve this issue soon as I do not want to be forced to go to FIFA

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    Glad to hear that the issue has been taken seriously by Konami, hope the issue can be sort out as soon as possible.

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    You are a Legend, Ashley!

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    Guys, is no good the latest patch for PES 2012 is out but still no sign of able to download the data pack is there no gd news at all?

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    That is the answer just from KONAMI:

    I try to find out how i can help you., but as I told you I am only at the reception of the trade building.

    We are selling and shipping the games.

    As fare as I found out that there is a problem only in New Zeeland and South Amerika and is already reportet to Japan.

    It is nothing we can do here in Germany!!!!

    We do not develope or write programms over here. We see the games when the are already finnished.

    Hilde Gravelius


    Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH

    Berner Straße 103 - 105

    D - 60437 Frankfurt am Main

    Phone:  +49 (0) 69 - 98 55 73 -0

    Fax:     +49 (0) 69 - 98 55 73 -77



    Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH - 60437 Frankfurt am Main - Handelsregister Frankfurt am Main HRB 24990 – Geschäftsführer: Kunio Neo, Fumiaki Tanaka

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    In my opinion, KONAMI is not going to published the Data Pack of PES 2012 to some region such as Singapore, South America, NewZealand, etc for cutting cost or some other reason which KONAMI can not announce it to the public.  I think we should do something together.

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    Konami CEO Fumiaki Tanaka

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    So still no solution for this?

    I also got the same problem!!!

    This is so frustating,

    Anyone able to download from the marketplace and make it work?

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    Had enough!  Just had my refund of PES 2012 back from the shop.  Say goodbye to KONAMI!   Go for FIFA 12!

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    guys this is bad..why muz we refund our PES2012 to get not logic...why do other gamers from other region able to download not the gamers region in the forum.. it cant be Konami doing this...also seem like PS3 from Singapore is able to do that. So does the problem lay with Xbox? but still no solution

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    Hi guys I'm from Singapore too. There's an easy way to get around this problem. Simply create a secondary account and choose USA as your country. Now using this account, you can download the datapack from your dashboard under the usual "Extra Game Content" section. Switch back to your primary account and you can now play online. Happy gaming!

    P.S. Does anyone want to boost the online tournament achievement? Just drop me a message on XBL!