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extremely slow download speeds on one xbox but not the other, same network!

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and the crazy part is, the Xbox that is slow is closer to the router than the one that downloads just fine.

they're both slims, one of them is a limited edition console, the other is just a regular 250gb, so they're basically the same thing.

on the limited edition, I was able to quickly download patches, demos, etc without any sort of trouble.

on the 250gb slim, downloads are extremely slow, the progress bar doesn't really move, and eventually it times out or whatever and I'll get any of a variety of error codes that don't seem to stand for anything (I don't get results when I search for them online).

I don't understand what the problem is. could this be a console defect? something with the network adapter?

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    What exactly are the error codes you are receiving?

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    I am having slow downloads on my N network.  I have a gears of war limited addition which replaced my elite with N router. They cheaper out on the N network and only support 2.4ghz on N vs the old addon that supported 5ghz. I call BS on this move. It's not clearly stated anywhere they stopped supporting it. I notice during peak hours, purchasing content is slow and streaming struggles. I believe MS is having issues supporting all of the new apps. Their servers were hosing up on launch day for the new OS too...

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    This is actually just a existing problem. Most routers simply cannot handle two Xboxes connecting to the same network, Esentally, the two boxes are fighting to get through the same connection points on the router, and it can only let one through. So one will work fine, and the other will suffer.

    Alot of times you'll just need to get a new router. There are many that have a Windows 7 Approved sticker on the box. These are ones that are tested by microsoft to work with the Xbox, and most of them will allow up to 4 boxes with no issue. You'll just want to go to  a store like Best Buy or something and see what they recommend.

    Hope this helps!

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    The Xbox connectivity specialists actually will recommend D-Link DIR655 because they tested it with 4-8 xboxes and no issues.