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Help with DRM and new SECOND console

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I have two consoles, one for my gaming, one for the kids.  I used to sign-in and purchase content on the second console that was for the kid (usually xbla stuff) and then could play no problem without me signed in.  I just got a new console with Kinect and a Hard Drive to replace the kid's console and now the content is in 'demo' mode unless I sign in.

Is there a way that I can transfer the DRM licenses for just the items that were on that console and not effect my primary console (with the majority of DRM stuff)?


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  • only one console can use the content without the gamertag that purchased it

    you can do a drm transfer to the new console and they will be able to use it regardless if the purchasing gamertag is there or not however the drm transfered content must be redownloaded with the original gamertag that purchased it

    however the original console can only use the content if signed  in with the purchasing gamertag on live at all times


    for more info




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    Hmmm... that stinks.  If they hope digital distribution will be the default with the next Xbox, this has to be more flexible.  DRM is only a PITA for the people who follow the rules.  It should be better than physical media.