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Profit Taking by Default! There is nothing but GREED behind the XBOX Live Gold design flaws...

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My 5 year old son recently made 2 XBOX live purchases using my account /credit card. (He was warned and educated the first time, and is now in trouble for the second time).

I think it is just terrible how easy by default it is for this to even take place. I don't enjoy or think it is fair to have to go through SO much EFFORT to PREVENT this from happening - it's a very poor design. It is a greed/profit driven system that is fully intended to take advantage of people. Sure! Make it easy to spend money - and people will do it more often, even if by mistake or by their children! - ("Cmon little Johnny - you know you want to buy this game - just grab your dad's credit card from his wallet and do it!"). Again - yea yea - you can take a full hour of your life and set up all the controls and what not to prevent this - but shouldn't it be the other way around? Why is it so hard to do the right thing and keep the customer happy/safe first?

In this situation you would think there would be a mechanism to undo this obvious mistake and make things better. Upon calling XBOX LIVE Support (which apparently is also frowned upon - judging by the hefty amount of effort it took to even find the 1-800 number - that is not to be found on this site btw - at least not easily) the not-so-friendly agent bascically says - "sorry it's a licensing thing - so we have NO returns on digital purchases/downloads". Hmm - so brick and mortar seems to clearly have an advantage here (my son never played or "opened" it) ...guess who will NEVER buy another title digitally again! ;)

Thanks to the rude but "helpful" agent - my automatic renewal option, and my credit card on file have now been removed. (By the way I could not do this online - again the wonderfully built system made it hard to do anything that protects my hard earned money ;) - although as I mentioned it should be this way by default

In Summary: purchasing on XBOX live SUCKS ***. Unless you are an adult with either LOADS of time (or LOADS of money) - stay the hell away from signing up your credit card on this service - there is NO protection or gatekeeping by default.

Also - one more thing - why in the hell do you have to buy XBOX LIVE GOLD just to get Netflix? Just about every damn device on the planet can get Netflix to play for free (with their subscription of course) - but yet you have to pay the extra Microsoft Tax each month on top if you want to use it on your xbox - HELLO!

Uhh - guess who will be buying a new Blu-Ray device with Netflix this weekend (Yea, that's right, the XBOX doesn't even offer you Blu-Ray) - I just wish I had the $50 my son spent without my permission to put towards buying it.


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    Greetings, anthonyrideout. I’m very sorry to hear about the issues you've been experiencing with digital purchases. Situations like this can be frustrating, and I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. I do want to thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. Hearing directly from our community is one of the best ways we can learn and grow, and your voice is appreciated.

    You should be able to avoid further unauthorized purchases by using a pass code - essentially a button sequence on your controller - to control access to your account. By setting up a pass code anyone who wants to use your profile must first enter the pass code before signing in to Xbox LIVE. It should only take a few minutes at the most to get it set up and you can do it right from your Xbox 360 console. Here are the steps: As a side note, you can access and update your billing information as well as view your purchase history on at any time.

    I noticed you had a question about Netflix as well. Netflix integrates with Xbox LIVE to provide a rich viewing experience that can be shared with your friends over LIVE, which is why it requires a Gold account. You can find out more about Netflix

    Let me know if setting up the pass code helps. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions.

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    As for bluray... sony owns the rights to that. And sony sharing something with microsoft? Not really going to happen.

    And the netflix thing was a decision between the two companies. So not just profiteering there.

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    Having to call MS to have your financial details removed from your account is a disgrace. It's my card. Not yours.

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    Having to call MS to have your financial details removed from your account is a disgrace. It's my card. Not yours.

    The only time you need to call to remove your credit/debit card is if there is an active subscription tied to it. Otherwise you can remove it at any time from your Account Management/ 


    @OP-You could have avoided all of this by having a pass code set up on your profile, it literally only takes seconds to set one up, not hours. And if your son had his own child account, then you could have set up Parental Controls on the account and Family Settings on the console. So as you can see the tools to prevent unauthorized in-home access are there you just didn't take advantage of them. You have no one to blame but yourself for this.


    Sure it's much easier to blame the almighty corporation, but it is not their fault you didn't use the FREE tools they provide EVERYONE with to help protect their accounts.

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    It doesn't matter when the only time is. That subscription was paid for as a one off payment already debited from my account. Had I purchased the annual fee from a store, the card would not have been active on my account. There is no reason for my sensitive financial information to be inexorably linked to a product that has been paid for.

    My account was compromised in the evening when the help lines were shut. I changed my password, deleted the intrusive email address that appeared in my Live settings and did as much as was humanly possible to ensure my bank account was safe. What I could not do was delete my debit card from a compromised system.

    What saddens me is that I have never had a problem with XBox or MS and the only time I needed to do something to secure my identity and hard earned money, I was prevented from doing so by a system that is not designed with the customer in mind.

    Not only can I not secure my account, MS cannot either as the type of issue I had (granted different from the gentleman who started this thread), appears to be well known and yet their security department cannot even spot it happening after the event.

    What saddens me even further is that in order to secure myself completely I feel I have to completely shut down my Live activity and that means getting rid of my xbox which I have had and used daily and upgraded and loved for getting on to six years solid.

    I suppose leaving a community where legitimate complaint can be met with such miserable negativity as you have just displayed is about the only cold comfort I can gain from this entire sorry episode.

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    Spelled out clearly in the terms of use

    If you do not aggree with the terms of use you simply don't buy a subscription by creditcard it is that simple


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    Xbox doesn't force you to add a credit card... that's your choice. They do also offer prepaid cards as a resolution. If you don't want your credit card information on there, use prepaid cards.

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    Thats why you sell it and buy a ps3 instead. Its got better netflix too and its Free to use

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    If you don't like it, don't use it. Atleast Xbox has better security and more options.