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I've download GTA San Andreas from XBLM but it doesnt play?

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I just downloaded GTA SA for 1200 points because i think its an awesome game, but whenever i press play, it gives me a message saying that it doesnt work and that i should re-download it.

Ive seen different people having the same problem so i was wondering if anywone could help me.

Does anybody know how i can fix this problem?

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    usually its because they don;t have the correct xbox 360 or using a 3rd party hd from ebay since gta sa is an xbox original game

    do you have an xbox elite or pro with a HD or the xbox s unit with 4gigs

    if you have an arcade with no HD or the xbox S 4gig you gotta buy a xbox HD for it to work

    and if you have an xbox s witth the 250gig hd you need to be more specific with the error


    error  number or you need a hd error



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    this is the troubleshooting faq please follow it and list the steps if you have a xbox HD (not your computer drive) and the errors it asks for at the bottom of the article


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    Omg i looked at the list and it sais gta san andreas it not compatible with xbox 360.

    Why do they sell gta sa if it doesnt work at all?

    Im definately gonna call xbox live support, i want my money back!

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    It does work

    It is on the list it depends on your physical region

    But you have to read the trouble shooting


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    The error has nothing to do with the game.

    It means the backwards compatibility software is damaged.

    Please see the following link: