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We don't recognize the computer you're using To access this content, please sign in on a computer that's connected to your account. We‘re sorry, but we want to make sure that nobody else is getting into your account.

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We don't recognize the computer you're using
To access this content, please sign in on a computer that's connected to your account.
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We‘re sorry, but we want to make sure that nobody else is getting into your account.
Thats so stupid, the name of the Pc is the same as the one on this computer i've been using for ever i never switched pcs but when kicking to add points today i get this unhelpful message and told me to wait 30 days to remove the old thing... I don't understand if its the same code on there and the same computer im using why it would come up...
If anyone can help me fix this i'd be awesome...
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  • Hello bissmas and all the others here with the same problem.

    I made a small search about your problem and it seems that your issue is directly related to your Windows Live ID and only a  member from the support team can help you.

    But, while you wait for someone from the Staff, I found this possible solutions:

    A. Go to Under Account Security > Security Info, click Manage. Add your computer to Trusted PC. Make sure that you have Windows Live Essentials installed on your computer.

    B. Go to and click Add this computer.

    C. Try to add a trusted PC using the Windows Live Essentials 2011. Here's how:

       1. Browse to this location C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Installer\

       2. Open the wlstartup.exe

       3. On the sign in page, enable the Make this my trusted PC checkbox then sign in.


    Please try disconnecting the trusted computers on your SkyDrive and connect them again using the sign in code afterwards.


    You can refer to this thread for instructions on how to do it.

    Good Luck and please let us know if the issue still persists afterwards.

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    Hey VIP0R! I'm sorry to hear about the experience! Have you tried turning auto-renewal off online ( If not you should give that a try! Otherwise you'll need to try dialing phone support again as we can't look into that on these forums.

    @jankenbruck I'm sorry for your frustration, but we do not allow foul language or name calling in the Support Forums out of respect for your fellow community members. We're happy to help you out if you'd like our assistance, for this, would you mind creating a brand new thread detailing your issue and steps you've tried? Or you are welcome to post in our feedback forums

    Everyone else experiencing an issue, will you please create your own thread if you don't find any of the suggested solutions in this thread helpful. Make sure to detail the steps you've tried already and the issue you're still experiencing. Thank you in advance!

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    After a month of waiting for the security information to be removed from my account everything worked for me.  Once the security information is removed you will be able to access your account again so I would not recommend creating a new account.

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    I get this same issue and when I attempt to add the trusted pc... which it already is it says i have to instal live essentials, which is already installed. i guess its ms point card purchases instead of using the function on the website.

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    Greetings, everyone. It seems as though a few of you are encountering the same issue, but I'm not clear on the exact situation. To start, when and where does this error message appear? Any further details would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    At the top of my page where it says my name, free member, add points, my account, sign out.

    Click on Add Points

    It then goes to a page that says Sign In Page to re-enter password, do that and click sign in.

    Then next page it says We don't recognize the computer you're using. To continue, check your email and enter the code we just sent you.

    Go to my email inbox and get the email that says

    Hi, Please use this code to use your Windows Live ID from an unrecognized computer.

    Submit code and can purchase (I assume the purchase works as I am only redeeming codes from doing Bing searches) or redeem a code.

    If I attempt to do the above again I have to go thru the same thing every time.

    In my options it says this computer is trusted (been using this for almost a year with no problems being recognized).

    Not sure what more can be given for information but hopefully this helps.

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    It's doing the same for me. I go to try to add MS points and tells me to log in; I do, and it says it doesn't recognize my computer. I have been using the same computer for over a year. I also try to put in a new credit card but the page won't load and has a error :|

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    Yeah this is annoying, i have been using this laptop ever since my account was first set up and im getting the stupid message when i want to add Microsoft points from this site. Its annoying the heck out of me.

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    Hey everyone! What you can try to do to resolve this, if you are still experiencing it, is to remove the PC in question from trusted PCs. This can be done once you get that code from the alternate email address. After confirming the removal, the trusted PC will be removed in 30 days. If you have more than 1 strong proof (secret question, alternate e-mail address, mobile number, etc.) on your account then the removal period could potentially be 6 months. Since I know this isn't an ideal solution I would highly advise calling phone support to discuss since they can look further into your individual billing. I hope this helps!

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    I can not get live to send me either a text message to my mobile phone or an e-mail to my alternate e-mail address as every time I try to confirm either one I get the following message:

    Note: You can use your trusted computer to confirm this information, Sign in from that computer, go to the Account overview page, and then click Confirm next to this information.

    When I try to add my current computer to the trusted list it tells me to download and install Windows Live Essentials which is already installed.

    It shows both my mobile phone and alternate e-mail as verified in my account overview but not in the security section of my account and as mentioned above it will not let me confirm either of them.

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    Is this seriously not fixed yet? What is the point of having a password or security questions if none of them give me authorization over my own account?

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    Well for me, I don't even get the code I don't know why !!! It says that it sent it, but I receive nothing :@

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    Same here

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    they send u a code to ur windows live e mail adrees then u just type that in the box when it pops up all done

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    I have found that my computer only comes up as the "trusted" one if I am using Internet Explorer.  Has everyone tried using IE?

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    I use IE and it does not work for me

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    Same issue, have tried through both Chrome and Internet Explorer but no love. It wants me to use Internet Explorer and have Windows Live Essentials installed in order to make this the 'trusted' computer (which it already is) but I already have Windows Live Essentials installed and it does not recognise it. I thought perhaps it meant I needed to update Essentials, but when I investigated that I found there was no way to install the new Essentials without 'upgrading' MSN, which is completely unacceptable because I refuse to upgrade to a version of this program which lacks a simple block feature. All that aside, from the comments here it appears that would not have worked anyway.

    I must echo the frustration of others here; why do I have an alternative E-mail address and security question if I am permitted to use neither? Why does Windows Live insist that this computer, which is the only one that has ever borne the name referred to when it mentions a 'trusted computer', is not that computer?

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    im having the same problem but for some reason its sending a code to an email address theat doesent exist..why not send it to my actual email adress

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    1 Go to

    2 Go to Billing Contact Information

    3 Get 'We don't recognize the computer you're using' DESPITE the PC being made 'trusted' last week

    4 Ask for message to be sent to the email behind the WLID

    Is there any -proof-  the 'Trusted PC' option is at all involved here? Could this not be entirely separate from the 'Trusted PC'

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