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MW3 Collection 2 maps not showing after download

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I have PURCHASED and downloaded Collection 2 but it does not show up on my list of games.  I use the term "downloaded" loosely because it took about 5 seconds to download before I received the message content successfully downloaded.   I tried downloading it several times, even emptied the game cache in storage as was suggested in one post and tried downloading again.  The free Erosion and Aground maps downloaded just fine.  Not so with Collection 2 and both were done back to back. 

Of course, I would rather not have to pay for something I am not getting.  Any other suggestions?

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    Hello there GIDEON 1!


    I'm so sorry to hear you're having issues with your MW3 DLC :(


    Try this..


    1. Go to the In-Game Store in the MW3 game.
    2. Download the content through there again (It wil not charge you)
    3. Try and play the content


    I hope this works out for you!


    Happy Gaming!

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    Thanks for the suggestion, but, I got the same results.  A few seconds after the download was to start, the message came back that it had finished.  However, nothing shows as downloaded. No maps.

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    Delete it from your Hard Drive first, then try it again the way LadyDovahkiin suggested.

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    OK, I deleted the Collection 2 file from the hard drive, went to the "store" option in the game and re-downloaded Collection 2.  The download started and finished within about three seconds and showed 108kb of size.  The "Play now" option was grayed out and couldn't be accessed.  I went to the list of game maps and the new ones were not present (as I suspected).

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    That's a tiny file size download. I would contact Xbox via phone. I’m an Elite member on my main account and I’ve never had an issue with downloading the new maps.

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    Hello GIDEON! Let's see if we can't get these map packs up and running. Now, you may have tried some of the steps I've listed below but would you mind trying these steps in the following order:

    1. Clear system cache

    2. Delete the downloaded map pack and any incomplete/unknown games

    3. Delete profile (only, not the items on the profile following this link Download, move, or delete your Xbox LIVE profile)

    4. Delete the installed copy from game DVD then re-download profile, power off/on and download the map pack again

    Let me know how this series of steps works for you! :) 

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    There is an easier fix to this. Go to the collection playlist and select any gametype. It should say Get maps now, click on that and should show you all of the maps. Let me know.