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"We don't recognize the computer you're using" when trying to redeem promotion

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My tech support left the conversation when she couldn't answer my question.  Cany anyone read through this transcript and give me a solution?

Tracy: Hi Matthew. Thank
you for contacting Xbox Chat Support. My name is Tracy. How are you today?


Matthew: I'm doing well. How
are you?


Tracy: I'm doing great,
thanks for asking. I see that you are contacting us about getting a page that
tells you that it doesn't recognize the computer you are using. Is that


Matthew: Yes. When I try to
take advantage of the offer at this URL:, I get sent to
a Windows Live ID page that states, "We don't recognize the computer you're
using. To continue, check your email and enter the code we just sent you." It
lists an old e-mail address that I no longer have access to due to it being


Tracy: I see, I'm sorry
for the inconvenience, Matthew. This is a new security measure that was
implemented by Windows Live. If you click on "I didn't get the code" It should
bring you to a page that will have a drop down to where you can have the code
sent to another email address or mobile number, if you had added those to your


Matthew: I am logged in
through Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9.0.7. I am signed in to using the
proper Hotmail account that is tied to my Xbox gamertag. I am also on what is
listed as my "Trusted PC" through Windows Live Essentials.


Tracy: Are you logged in
through Windows Live Essentials with the Live ID that you are trying to purchase
the subscription on as well?


Matthew: Yes, I am logged
into Windows Live Essentials on my computer with my Hotmail account that is tied
to my Live ID, and I am also logged into the webpage (Internet Explorer) with
the same account. I do not have an option that states "I didn't get the code".
There is an option for "Send me another code" and "Not using this email address
anymore? Update your info."


Tracy: Thank you Matthew.
Please click on Not using this email anymore.


Matthew: I have clicked on
both options. The second option allows me to erase my old account information,
but it states that the process will take one month. I see my Gmail address
listed as an alternate address, but it is marked with a "!" and has a button
labeled "Confirm". When I click on "Confirm", it takes me to a page that states
that an code will be sent to my old, no-longer existing address to confirm my
Gmail address.


Matthew: I also see that the
PC I am currently using is listed as a "Trusted PC".


Matthew: I cleared my cache
and cookies right before contacting you. It did not help.


Tracy: Thank you Matthew.
I'm looking into how to make Windows Live Essentials recognize your PC as a
trusted PC. While I'm looking into that, could you tell me the promotion that
you were looking to get please?


Matthew: The promotion is
called "Xbox Live Good Better Gold - One Free Month of Xbox Live Gold" at the
following link:


Tracy: Matthew, I found
something that I think may help getting Live Essentials to recognize your PC as


Tracy: I'm going to paste
what I found here.

Tracy: 1. Click Windows
Start button

Tracy: 2. Under Search
programs of files type and select Run

Tracy: 3. Type

Tracy: 4, The Windows Live
Essentials log in window would appear, mark the checkbox for Remember my ID and
Password. This would enable the option to Make this my trusted PC, so I can
easily reset a forgotten or stolen password from here


Matthew: Yes, I
logged out and logged back in to check those options. They were already enabled
before I tried to apply for that Xbox promotion. I am currently signed in, have
set the comptuer to remember my login, and have checked the box that enables
this PC as a trusted PC, and I have restarted my computer twice to double-check
that I am still logged in correctly. In other words, when I double-click
wlstartup.exe, it shows that I am already logged in to my trusted PC.


Chat session has ended.

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