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premium content blocked?

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when i try to buy a arcade came from the marketplace it says "premium content blocked for this profile"

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    hey there keykiller,   parental controls are blocking it OR your own account was built with an age under 18 years old.

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    How old are you? You probably under age and you cannot change it once it's confirmed to your account.

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    i have everything set for adult

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    Hey keykiller154! First, you may want to run through the "Xbox LIVE online safety and privacy" to make sure those settings are permitting purchases and adult content? Doesn't hurt to double-check! Can you also tell us what game you're trying to purchase? Have you had issues with multiple games, or only one specific title?

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    i have it set to allowed and the game is mindcraft

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    Hello keykiller154! Is there a chance that you had previously purchased this game and already received a refund? As this could also block your permissions. Let us know if this sounds like the case!

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    Im having the same problem with a borderlands 2 DLC. if you find an answer could you email me at [REMOVED - DO NOT POST EMAIL OR MS ACCOUNT]

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    Please go to and sign in there. Does the original date of birth there show you to be <18? Then you can't play. Changing the date there won't let you get it, once the original date was entered it was memorized, and that date will be used forever on that account.

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    This is a retarded error, if you are allowed by the parent you should be able to download these fricking packs regardless of the age of the email you used. I'm trying to use the 400MS points I just got for my account and now I cant use the damn things cause of this bloody horrible security setting. My account is actually the parent account and I set up a second account with my sister's email which apparently reads as under 18 years old so now I wasted my time and money to buy a damn DLC that I can't even use. Thanks heaps. Did I mention that the account with my sisters email is the account my grandfather uses to play? >.> (this account) so I seriously doubt that he is under 18. Stupid.

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    you need to adjust your online safety settings

    actually parents prefer to have control over what their children buy

    it lets them monitor their usage of their creditcard

    fyi changing the email doesmt remove parental.settings

    only by turning 18 and promoting your account will parental settings be removed

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    I have everything set in as adult , I dont have the child settings on but I am having trouble trying to buy something cause it keeps saying the same message ' Premuin Content blocked for this profile ' Please somebody help and tell me Im not insane ...........

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    Hey there Speed! Go ahead and make a new thread detailing your issue and any steps you've taken so far to fix it. That is how these forums work best as it lets us tailor our support to your specific issue. Thanks!

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    It could also be because of fraudulent behavior on the account.  Have you been doing anything illegal on the Xbox live account or the Xbox 360 console itself?

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    This is happening to me to i want to buy state of decay but it says that same message its really annoying as i just want to play the game Ive even tried using on of the xbox live cards, what a waste of time and money :/  

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