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Stubbs the Zombie - gone from the marketplace. Why, and will it be back?

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I wanted to buy Stubbs the Zombie from the Marketplace, but it appears to have gone. There's still a link here -  - but there's no way of buying it off the 360. So far I've just got the very vague reply that it's gone, which I knew anyway. Why was it taken off - given that other full X-Box 1 games are still on there - and is it likely to be back? I'm in the UK, but I gather it's gone from both the US and UK 360 marketplaces. 

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    Hey ShabbyJungle74! Yes, Stubbs the Zombie is off the Marketplace for all users, not region specific! It's hard to say why it was removed though, often times it has to do with licensing. It is unlikely that it will return to the Marketplace but you never know so keep an eye on it.

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    Yeah why did they removed it ! I bought Xbox 360 just to play this game again looool

    I'm glad there is good games like gears of war and halo

    So all what we can do is wait

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    So now I can't redownload it even though I bought It! Way to go Microsoft. You should at least let us choose another game to replace it with. You did the same thing with this game as you were originally going to do with Xbox One. Everybody already knows how well that went over. >.<

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    i have found that even removed games can be re-downloaded as long as you originally purchased it. go into your xbox account on your xbox and look for past purchases. find it there and you should be able to download it again