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"Downloadable Content Has Changed" Error - Post Here

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We've seen a rash of users reporting this issue, specifically around the Black Ops map pack Escalation. If you are getting this issue, please post here with the following information. Please keep your post short and to the point; added "background story" will just clog up the works. We're going for data collection again, folks! Thanks!

Game type: Physical disc (installed?) or Game on Demand download?
Map location: Hard Drive (HDD) or memory unit (USB or Original)?

Troubleshooting to try before posting:

  1. Delete map pack, clear system cache, restart console, redownload from history
  2. Delete game install/download, clear system cache, restart console, reinstall/redownload
  3. Delete profile (profile only, not content!), clear system cache, restart console, recover profile

Please note in your post if these steps did or did not help you. If your issues was fixed by these steps, it is just as important for us to know that as well! Thanks all!

Edit: Thanks to MeanMachine 47 for the typo alert and feedback!


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    You guys should know by now that these steps don't work but just in case i tried it for the 41st time and still nothing.

    my game is a physical disc, my maps are on hdd thanx for listening

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    I reloaded the map pack (without deleting the first download which was not working).  I get access to some of the maps (zoo and a couple of others). But the problem comes back.

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    any insights to a fix yet guys?  Ive been griting my teeth and playing the few maps that still work but theres times where i'll get kicked out of 3 maps in a row and throw my controller and goto bed hahaha

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    Downloading First Strike & Escalation map packs - both having the same issues

    Game DISC + USB memory

    Multiple times the entire download completes and does not load any additional maps into the game

    Shows up as "incomplete" but has nothing more to download

    reloaded profile, deleted cache, etc with no results as of yet.   Not happy to spend the $$ for nothing so far.

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    I'm having trouble with two of my games on demand not working after i have done this several times. Why does it say "disk is unreadable" when it didnt need a disk to download from the marketplace?

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    Game type: The physical disk. i bought it.

    Map location: Hard Drive (HDD)

    well this is getting annoying not being able to play escalation with my friends. i really hope this helps.

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    Hello, I have not downloaded any of these map packs, and I cannot play any multiplayer content. Please help.

    I called MS and followed there instructions... deleted system cach. ect. Don't know why I keep getting this error. Agian I did not download any of the map packs....(Error DFownloadable content has changed.) WTF!

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    I bought the game and use the physical disc to play.  I have not downloaded any map packs.  I've followed all of the above steps and still can't play campaign due to the "downloadable content has changed" error.  I appreciate your prompt attention to this issue.

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    I have the Problem with the fifa 11 online pass, says i cant re - download it neither, goto the marketplace and contents not avalible all over the place, come on man one day off and this bs happens

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    buying following:

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (appearly this just got taken off?)

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam(DLC)

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Onslaugh and Kit Short-cut Bundle Pack (DLC)

    All of them are for Gold paid via  Mircosoft point cards

    where'd they go?

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    I have lost  Fifa pass online and I can't re downloading because I can't see any marketplace contents.

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    any fix on fifa 11 online pass yet??

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    cant get anything from the market place, or find black ops map packs. any reasons for this

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    Now the marketplace is running in my xbox but i can't play online with fifa 11!

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    I just got the game and tried to do the campaign but that message keeps popping up. i didnt even download anything. All i can do is play zombies.