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"Downloadable Content Has Changed" Error - Post Here

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We've seen a rash of users reporting this issue, specifically around the Black Ops map pack Escalation. If you are getting this issue, please post here with the following information. Please keep your post short and to the point; added "background story" will just clog up the works. We're going for data collection again, folks! Thanks!

Game type: Physical disc (installed?) or Game on Demand download?
Map location: Hard Drive (HDD) or memory unit (USB or Original)?

Troubleshooting to try before posting:

  1. Delete map pack, clear system cache, restart console, redownload from history
  2. Delete game install/download, clear system cache, restart console, reinstall/redownload
  3. Delete profile (profile only, not content!), clear system cache, restart console, recover profile

Please note in your post if these steps did or did not help you. If your issues was fixed by these steps, it is just as important for us to know that as well! Thanks all!

Edit: Thanks to MeanMachine 47 for the typo alert and feedback!


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    I don't have a problem with the CoD map pack, but I do have a problem with downloading content.

    Okay so every game I play I have to download an update for it like every single time. I think I've downloaded the Fable 2 update like over 100 times but it doesn't seem to save or something.

    Can someone help me please? :(

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    Im looking for Yu-gi-oh 5ds Decade Duels was it taken off xbox live perminently or being fixed?

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    Im having the same issue as Faketriz: Went looking for it all over marketplace, but I can't find it! =/

    Any help?

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    Clear system cache is best option

    Bradley, Halo fan!

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    I get access to some of the maps .g.gif


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