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Error code 80153410

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I have some new steps on this issue. First, if you are getting this issue, please allow 72 hours before attempting your purchase again. In the meantime, please feel free to attempt this purchase by adding a prepaid points card to your account.

If, after waiting 72 hours, you are still unable to purchase and are getting this same error code, please contact phone support in your region. Ask them to investigate your account to see what is causing this issue. 

If you are getting this error code, please post in this thread with the following information:

What you were trying to do when you got the error.
LIVE subscription (Free or Gold).
If purchasing, were you using MS points or other payment method.
If adding a payment method, have you checked this sticky for suggestions. 

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    okey so i still got the error after a few weeks

    i expected to get at least some help from xbox (i'm still thank full for the suggestions of the other users)

    but i thought at least some one of microsoft / xbox would post a answer here  

    well i find this a litlle bit unacceptable  hope there will be a solutions soon

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    Downloading Dance Central Marathon Pack


    ms points

    Bought 2000 points, used 1200+ on this, bill is in my credit card's invoice, points are gone, and no expansion  in my game.....(I'm not sure the error code was this 80153410 on the thread, but it happened to me on Monday 20th june 2011 though)

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    When i was trying it was a membershio of phantasy star universe or gold either one worked but i could but points and games on demend

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    i cant redem my code to xboxlive gold :/

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    I was trying to download call of duty black ops maps.


    MS points

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    Black ops map pack

    MS points

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    Trying to buy MS points

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    ***.com              go to this link for free ms points

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    I get this error code every time I try to redeem 1200 Microsoft points so I can buy the new black ops maps. i bought them yesterday and it is really annoying and I am a gold member!

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    July 1st,2011

    tried downloading: Canadian Lynx (Canada day special 50%off)

    Got this error code..

    I'm Gold member

    Using MSP

    Now the Canadian Lynx isn't even posted......

    No points no avatar pet.. what gives.

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    I was trying see if it wouldwork sec time. I called xbox couldn't figure out what was going on.


    Payment merhod


    darryl moore
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    triying dowloading

    Anihilation map pack (3 days ago)


    MS points

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    Trying to buy XBLA Games (Castlevania SOTN and Half Minute Hero), every day since June 28th 2011


    MS point

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    Im Trying to Download The Call of Duty Map pack

    Im Gold Member

    Im trying to add Ms Points but wont let mee

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    Tried downloading the Call of Duty Black Ops Map Pack 3: Annihilation.

    Live Subscription: GOLD

    Purchasing via MS points (that I bought just for this map pack).

    This is ridiculous Microsoft.  All other DLC for me has been fine.  All other demos, free DLC has been fine.  Called support and they told me to buy another xbox live account and game disc to solve the problem.  Unacceptable.