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Error code 80190128

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After looking at the threads regarding this error code, it asks that if your having problems with this to start your own thread and answer these questions below. So here I go as the phone service is useless and have failed to do anything.

  • What day and time of day did you purchase Elite?
  • I attempted to buy call of duty elite on the 27Th of august 2012 at 6:30pm but before I could make the purchase I got this error code.
  • Did you receive multiple confirmation emails? Make sure to check to confirm you were only charged once if you did receive more than one email!
  • I only got one email to confirm this had been bought, But I don't understand how that can be the case if I didn't get to select the confirm option due to the before mention error and find the fact Xbox have taken my points as a form of theft as I have not confirmed I wanted to purchase the item and having not gain the access to this after taking the points.
  • What error code do you see? When do you encounter this error code? Does the upgrade complete before you see the code?
  • The error code is 80190128. I see this code before I get to the section to confirm my purchase.
  • What happens when you go in game and try to access the content?
  • I am advised that I am just a standard elite member and that I need to upgrade.
  • Have you tried clearing your system cache? Tried re-downloading your profile?
  • I have tried this and a number of pointless tasks that members of the Xbox staff have asked me to do.
I would like an answer to what the code actually means as this is not on the list of codes that Xbox have an answers for and for this to be resolved asap. I have seen on a number of threads that you have refunded the points and I would wish for this to done. If you decline this again as a member of staff has already done in such a manner not fitting for customer friendly service. I will contact the police, the consumer ombudsman and I am also close to instructing a lawyer to start the legal process against yourself for your theft.
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    If i was you, i would physically ring Support, and get them to check your purchase history, and then check to actually see if you did download it. Once they confirm what you are saying is true, they will refund the points if it was an error. I doubt anyone here will be able to resolve this. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

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    I am sorry to hear about the trouble you are having.

    This is a link to the Call of Duty ELITE support chat. (where you chat with a live representative of Elite)

    You may need to sign in to chat with them, and I am pretty sure you don't have to be premium to chat with them. Give it a try either way. To chat with a live rep, look on the middle right of the page it will say 'Chat Now', you will then be connected with them, then just explain your problem.