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Can't view any games on the xbox stores it says Status code: 8C15000C HELP!!!

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(I am trying the new beta out)

What the xbox says:

Sorry, there's a problem with the xbox service. Try again later. For help with this problem, go to

Status code: 8C15000C


I have already checked the xbox service and its running fine.

and i tried clearing the system cache and deleting the marketplace file, did not help, and i can't find anything on the internet on this problem!?

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    Okay i contacted Microsoft about my problem and they sent me this mail and its now working Again..

    So it looks like that my account had become disabled for buying games, and then they turned it back on.

    the answer to the problem is that you need to contact Microsoft yourself and tell them you got the error and they will fix it. :D

    you can call them or send them a email but I recommend that you call their support!



    Email from Microsoft:


    Dear Niklas

    My name is Iris and I am with the Xbox Customer Care Advocacy Team. First and foremost, we would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us in regards to the payment instrument authorization failure on your Xbox LIVE account.  I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences that this may have caused you.  

    I’ve verified that the work has been completed and your account is now re-enabled for purchasing.  In order to ensure that your payment instruments work as expected, you will need to go through the troubleshooting steps provided below. While these steps may seem inconvenient or unnecessary, they will ensure that payments are fully enabled to authorize on your Xbox LIVE account:

    1.) Sign into your Xbox LIVE account on, navigate to your account information, and change the contact email address you have on file so that it is different than your current Microsoft Account/ Windows Live ID (The email you use to sign into your profile).

    2.) While still looking over your account information on, please verify that the address and other information on file (such as your phone number) match the billing information associated with the payment instrument you are trying to add or use on your Xbox LIVE account.

    Once the above steps have been completed, you should be able to resume purchases on Xbox LIVE using valid payment instruments within 24 - 48 hours from this email.

    If you have any concerns regarding this notice, you may either reply to this message or contact Xbox Customer Support directly using the information available at, and reference the Service Request number above, and someone would be happy to assist you further.

    Thank you for your patience while this issue was investigated and resolved - we look forward to seeing you on Xbox LIVE soon!



    Xbox Customer Care Advocacy Specialist

    Customer Advocacy & Exceptions Management Team

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    try rebooting your router that might help

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    I can't find that particular status code, but there are ones similar to it that have to do with billing issues.

    I advise looking into your billing information and making sure all is in proper order.

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    There came a status code when i tried to manage my payment options!

    Status code: 83820065

    and i tried looking for the other code myself couldn't find anything!

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    I also tried restarting my router didn't work!

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    Hey there Monzi! There was a Service Alert up for purchasing and payment methods this morning. Could you try accessing your payment options again and see if that helps. Let us know, thanks!

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    Here is what happens now when i try the manage option..

    before it came up with another status code!..
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    And this is what happens when i try to view a game on demand.!
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    Hey there, I TDC I Monzi. It seems as though you need to add a payment option to your account. I don't see any error messages in the first image you linked. Can you try adding a payment option via your console and let us know the results? Thanks!

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    I have run into the exact same problem, how do i fix it?:(

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    I already have two payment options and its not that I can't buy Microsoft points it's only games on demand that won't work.. I can download demos, arcade games and a lot of stuff the only thing that is wrong is games on demand, I can't view anything.!

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    Hi TDC Monzi

    Please can you disconnect all of your devices for 30 seconds and retry to view Games on demand.


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    That didn't help!.. :(

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    Hey there Monzi! If you are still having trouble purchasing, I would recommend contacting Billing Support for further assistance. They should be able to help you beyond what we are able to provide with regards to your billing account. Please let us know how that goes, thanks!

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    I have now been in contact with Microsoft support and we came to the conclusion that its not the billing options or anything related to that but they are testing it out and they said I where the first to contact them about this error.

    They will contact me soon..

    (Wrote this from my phone sorry for any autocorrect fails.)

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    Thanks for the update, I TDC I Monzi. Please keep us posted!

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