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Con not download profile, error codes: 80004005 - 807b0194

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I've bought 12m live prepaid code and activated via web explorer. when I try to download my profile on my console I am receiving error messages below; (I am not sure about the order of messages just writing in random order)

" Your profile was not completely downloaded, please download it again from xbox live"

"Sorry profiles can't be downloaded right now, try later 80004005"

"some live content is temporarily unavaible.... 807b0194"

Please help me

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    why no answer? :(

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    when i looked up the first error code that you gave this is that i found

    Status code: 80004005

    Some connection types and Internet service providers (ISPs) cannot access Xbox LIVE Marketplace from the Xbox 360 console. We are aware of this problem and we are working with ISPs to resolve the problem.

    Solution 1: Use the Xbox LIVE Marketplace on

    You can purchase items from and add them to your console’s download queue. Here’s how:

    1. Go to the Xbox Marketplace.
    2. In the upper-right corner, click Sign in. Enter the email address and password that you used when you signed up for Xbox LIVE (this is your Microsoft account).
    3. Browse the Games, Add-ons, or Avatar items to find something you want to download.
    4. Click Download to Xbox 360.

    The next time you turn on your console, the content will start downloading on your console.

    Solution 2: Use a different Internet connection

    Connect your Xbox 360 console to the Internet at another location using a different ISP. For example, take the console to a friend’s house and connect to the Internet there.

    when i looked up the second error code that you gave this is what i found which seams to be unrelated to profiles

    Error code 69-807B0194 occurs when you try to play a video on Xbox 360


    If you see error code 69-807B0194 when you try to play a video, it may be because the format of the video isn’t supported by Xbox 360.

    Read this page to learn about error code 69-807B0194 and what you can do about it.

    On this page


    If you get error code 69-807B0194, it means that the format of the video you’re trying to play isn’t supported by the Xbox 360 console.


    To see what video formats are supported by Xbox 360, see the "Supported regions, formats, and discs" section of Play DVDs on your Xbox 360 console.




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    Hey buyukk sef! It sounds like you might need to re-download your profile! You can do so by following the steps in our "Download, move, or delete your Xbox LIVE profile" support doc. :)

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    the deal is I am unable to re-download my profile and having error messages above in my first message. But I can download another profile other than my gold profile....

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    Do you happen to be in the beta or on a console that has the beta dash installed on it?

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    hi sk8rnick

    How can I learn if my dashboard is beta?

    I have not made anything special to go with beta. Just applied the standart updates.

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    You would have had to apply back in late August and early September to be in it so if you didnt then your not

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    Hey there Sef! Can you look up your profile on your console to see if it shows a "!" icon next to it? If so, this may indicate the profile is corrupt on your console. Please delete it (profile only, not items!), clear your console cache, restart it, and then download it again. Also, do you have any issues downloading your profile on other consoles, or do other profiles have issues being downloaded on your console? Let us know, thanks!

    Xbox Community Ambassadors Team
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    I have the same problem.

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    MrEnigmaQuality, support via forum works best if you post a new thread with your problem, as you might have a very different solution. Please make a new post, instead, in this forum.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    Hi Gwyhter

    Profile is corrupted, I know that because during downloading profile, my friends see me online but after very short time I am seen offline. On my side, at the same time, my profile starts downloading then pause dl and receive error message.

    I have tried all suggestions, deleted cache and profiles even formatted but none works.

    I can download my old profiles which are silver accounts but can not download this new my gold account.


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    go to

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    This is so annoying I Tried everything

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    dude my xbox live profile would not sign in so I went to download a profie went back to my sign in and my profile was deleted and it wont download back on completely without a error popping up

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    I have same problem sandman, cleared the Xbox profiles off both Xboxes so that u had to redownload profiles due to the fact one of my Xboxes got stolen and I get error message 807b0194