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Can't load dragon born or hearthfire dlcs for skyrim please help ?

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Hi already have dawnguard dlc installed no problem i took my hard drive round a friends because i currently have no internet connection at mine.

 Downloaded hearthfire and dragonborn to my hard drive installed the updates but when i go to play skyrim on another console not online hearthfire and dragonborn dont show up in my add ons on the main skyrim screen but dawnguard does any ideas do i need to be online to play the new content ? They show up and work fine with a connection but was sure this shouldnt be neccessary ? many thanks

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  • That's because of the DRM.

    All Xbox Live DLC are tied to the first console used to download them.

    You can access DLC on other consoles only while you're online with the profile used to download them, so it will not work offline on other console.

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    Thanks for the reply will it allways be tied to the original console? if i delete it and reinstall it on my console and hard drive i still have the same problem im sure i installed dawnguard on a different console with my hard drive and have no probs suppose i better get me some internet sorted out lol

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    You would have to connect your console to the internet and perform a license transfer to move the console license to your console so you can access the content.