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Can you buy Xbox Live Gold Membership with Microsoft Points?

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I have a few extra points and my membership got cancelled because of a hacker and a 4 week investigation, and i want to play, so can you?

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  • No

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    Wow that gamerscore is just amazing. Oh yea, back to the question. No you can't unfortunately.

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    No, you can't. You can only use Microsoft Points for your Avatar, DLC's, Games, Music, and Movies. Sadly, you can only get Gold membership by using a credit card or buying a 3 month ($25) or 12 month ($60) membership at Gamestop. Or you can get Live through, but to answer your question, no you can't use Microsoft Points to get Live, sorry, I know It's dumb, I hate it too.

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    Sorry You cant, the only way to get gold is to pay cash