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Troubleshoot issues purchasing content

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Getting started
Specific error codes or messages
I still can't purchase content.

Before getting started, make sure you try your purchase on the console. Sometimes the Marketplace can be down, but the console will work. Also, the error messages/codes from the console are much more useful to help us diagnose your issue. You go check that out, I'll wait here.

All set? Awesome, let's get this show on the road!

I’m seeing “unavailable in your region” messages 
You know what? We have a whole sticky post dedicated to region-related issues. You should go check it out!

It's saying the marketplace is unavailable. What's up?
There are a couple of things that you could do in this situation. Both of these suggestions are relatively simple and only take a few minutes each. Make sure to follow the steps outlined here carefully and exactly in order.

Clear System Cache

1. On your console navigate to the Settings Hub and select System.

2. Select Storage

3. Highlight Hard Drive, press 

4. Select Clear System Cache. 

5. Select Yes.

6. Restart the console.

7. Sign in to Xbox LIVE, go to the Marketplace, and try your purchase again.


Clear Marketplace Cache

  1. On your console navigate to the Settings Hub and select System.
  2. Select Storage. 
  3. Select your primary storage device, which is usually the Hard Drive. 
  4. Select System Items. 
  5. Select Marketplace System Data. 
  6. Select Delete. 
  7. Select Yes.
  8. Restart the console. 
  9. Sign in to Xbox LIVE, go to the Marketplace, and try your purchase again.

Neither of these work
If neither of the above solutions helped, it is possible that the Marketplace might be down for maintenance. Please try your purchase again later.

Could there be something wrong with my account?
It is possible your account has a billing violation on it. This would prevent you from purchasing anything on the console or even redeeming prepaid codes. To check this, visit If you have a past-due balance, you can pay it off here or by contacting phone support.

I’m getting a specific error code or message. 
There are several different messages you could be getting. These errors might look like:

Can't authorize the selected payment option. Please select a different payment option or add a new one. 

Can't retrieve information from Xbox LIVE. Status code ########

These messages could be associated with your payment method not being authorized properly. Here are some specific things to double check before posting about this issue:

Error Message

Associated Error Codes

What it means and what you can do

 Your account billing address

 does not match your billing

 address for the credit card



 You can check your billing address on under the Account section.

 Your credit card billing

 address does not match the

 billing address for the credit






 You can check your billing address on  under the Account section.

 Your card has not been


 - or - 
 Your card was declined due

 to insufficient funds

 - or -

 Your card cannot accept

 online purchases or

 automatic billing

 - or –

 Your credit card company is

 intentionally preventing the

 card from being used





 You will need to get in touch with your payment  method provider to check on these issues. A lot of  users don’t realize that not all credit cards are  created equal. Your card must allow for online  purchasing and recurring fees (like auto-renewing  LIVE time). Also, some prepaid credit or debit cards  do not work with LIVE as they cannot be counted on  for automatic billing.

 You have too many

 unsuccessful purchase

 attempts, and will need to

 wait 24 to 48 hours


 If you have been trying to authorize a card too many  times, the fraud protection on the card might kick in,  preventing any further attempts. If you have waited  longer than 48 hours and it is still not working you  may need to call your provider to see if you need to  personally authorize the use of this card for this  purpose.

All my information looks alright, anything else I can do? 
If you are sure that all the information on the account and card are correct, you could try to remove the payment method and re-add it back to your account. You could also try using a different payment method. 

Alternatively, you could purchase a pre-paid card from a local retailer or online. These cards can be redeemed for Microsoft points, games, add-on content, or Xbox LIVE time. 

I have tried everything and still can’t purchase content with my card. 
If none of the above troubleshooting has helped you out, you can create a new post in this forum for us to take a look at. Please include the following information in your post so we can better assist you. 

What are you trying to purchase?
What error code or message are you receiving (from the console)? 
What region is your account? 
What region do you physically connect from?

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