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To Import a Xbox One?

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After the news pronounced yesterday about not releasing the Xbox One in The Netherlands in 2013 I was wondering if it's possible to import a Xbox One from out Germany and use it in my home country The Netherlands.

Is the Xbox One able to download the "day one patch" and support online gaming with my Xbox Live Gold account from the Netherlands while it's not official released yet?

What will and will not work on a imported Xbox One as long as it's not official released? Please tell me the do's and don'ts.

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    I haven't read anything official. But I would presume you could have troble connecting to LIVE as long as it's not launched in your country.


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    It's region free meaning you can purchase it from any country you'd like and purchase games from any country you'd like. The only issue you're going to run into is the ability to purchase DLC and games from the marketplace digitally. This is simply because the console isn't launching in your country, I'd assume there wouldn't be a digital store available to you with Xbox One games at launch.

    You should be able to download the Day One patch regardless of the location, Microsoft confirmed that in their article regardless of where you went the patch itself would download with the only requirement being an internet connection. 

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    The problem is the digital content

    If you have account in the 21 live regions, ONE will be "World" launched, the system will not transfer your gametag to one (in theory).

    In the case you have account in that 21 regions and fisical live in another one (for a sample you have a US account and live in Netherlands), we don´t know how the MS ystem will react!?

    IP block parcial or total?

    Problems in conection?

    Or the system gives all acess and problems in smartmatch (because that is IP guided)

    Or what i believe, they give all acess and use for a moment the US servers for smartmatch when ONE is not launched in Netherlands, when that happens the smart match is to your living country.

    Is much doubts, and that will be responded or by MS or for by the "beta testers", (much of game magazines in Brazil, use the recurse of have a US account and live in Brazil and in some countries too, if emerge problems, they will report); a piece of advice, you can be atract to import the day one edition, but wait the first days after the launch to see what happen, if MS don´t clarify that question in the midle of time to launch).

    I hope if i help you and forgive my bad english, it´s self learnerd.

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    For taht you have to be more informate dialy...

    In the last friday 16/08/2013

    In IGN questions MS they anunced some things...:

    The reduction from 21 to 13 Countries in first launch window...

    They anunced too based in free IP you can buy ONE from some region and use in 1 of 13 countries, the only condition is have a payment option works in the chose region.

    And anunced you will receive a FREE "misterius" game whif each day one edition.

    = You can buy in one region like for a sample England nad use in Netherlands whiout problems if you have a payment valid in England like paypal or international credit card for a sample.

    I hope if i help you and forgive my bad english it´s self learnerd.

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    I have the same Question, Any update on this issue?