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Error Code 8C320008

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I am trying to purchase Xbox Live through Xbox and it gave me an error saying

"There's a problem with Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Please try again later.

Status code: 8C320008

Yes i checked my billing information and its all correct.

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    Can you provide a bit more information for us?

    What exactly are you doing when you receive this error?

    What region are you in?

    What type of payment option are you using?

    Have you tried both on the console and on

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    -I get the error after i press "Done" on the interface where it asks you to fill out all the information(Ie: credit card, name, all that)

    -I am in North Carolina

    -I'm using American Express

    -On console i get that error that I've mentioned in the post, and if i try to purchase it through the website, it keeps saying my credit cards number is invalid..

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    Sorry for the double post but there is nothing wrong with my Credit Card because I used it recently to purchase something.

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    I have the same problem and im in Heywood, England

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    same problem

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    Same Problem. Fix this now

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    im having the same  problem for like 2 weeks now

    Many users can't buy xbox live gold because of this error.

    If microsoft would just fix it they would gain more money.

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    Having this problem, please fix this soon. thx

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    actualizaron el contrato y ahora solo se puede comprar con tarjeta de credito, que sea o este asociada a mastercard o visa, si te dejo meter la tarjeta es por que es valida pero te manda error por que ya no puedes comprar con ella

    xbox live si acepta tarjetas de debito bueno aqui te pongo lo que debe de tener tu tarjeta para que la acepte:

    Nota Debes reunir los siguientes requisitos para poder usar una tarjeta de débito a la hora de registrarte en XboxLive:

    * Tu tarjeta de débito debe tener un logotipo de Visa o MasterCard.

    * Tu tarjeta de débito no puede tener restricciones en cuanto a suscripciones o compras por Internet.

    * Debes contar con un saldo superior a 1 euro disponible en la cuenta de tu tarjeta de débito.

    * La fecha de caducidad de tu tarjeta de débito no puede ser el mismo mes y año que el de la fecha en la que configures tu cuenta con nosotros.

    Si no sabes si tu tarjeta de débito tiene restricciones en cuanto a suscripciones o compras por Internet, ponte en contacto con la institución financiera que te la emitió para obtener más información al respecto.


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    Im having the same exact problem, its 6:07 AM i wokeup with no xbox live membership and am trying to purchase a one month and this is what i get :( any way of doing this? cause on the website it says my information is wrong....

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    Same thing here

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    Yes I get the same thing

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    Yes same thing here in the Netherlands , want to add new creditcard , deleted old one; same error

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    mesmo problema aqui, sou do brasil, e ta dando este problema, vamos la xbox arruma ai

    Same problem here, im from brazil, and this problem is disturbing me, lets go xbox fix that, we want buy =)

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    same problem here trying to add PayPal or a credit card on my account in Canada