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can not buy anything console banned!!!! help

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this console is completely perfect not modded... no excuse. It may have been a software issue which has been resolved. Sneaking behind people's backs since xp and inspecting their hardware is grounds for a class action suit by the way. So basically you are admitting to it by banning consoles that actually are modded which this one is not and still has it's sticker!!!

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    buy another xbox360, lol yeah right when there is nothing at all wrong with this one and I am having this much trouble getting what I paid for already.

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    Consoles are not always banned because they have been modded. If you want to know why yours is banned you can post here -

    Also, when you sign up for Live, you agree to the terms of use which does say that Microsoft can check your system through the Live service.

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    yeah I have already bee trying to get this console unbanned for a week now. I was told it was banned for being modded, which it is not... but most likely will be in less than a week if it is not unbanned. just F.Y.I. yes I am giving you al ultimatum. This is ridiculous that I can't even get what I paid for on a perfect system that has never been used in any type of fraud... I know your terms of service, I was reffering more towads pc's I am not afraid of you scanning the hardware in the 360, since if you did you would find  that everything is as it should be and am on 14699... if the ban is not going to be lifted I will see what the nand says about cb and it can be easily reset glitch hacked to run dlc content for free. No I will not buy another new 360 not ever!!! plus how long is dlc good for really? another 3years? I know you have the 720 dev kits out already and cut xbox1 live early in just under 8yrs... I will pay to get the zombie maps on my xbox360 one way or another, with or without your help. It's as simple as you make it, lift the bogus ban that should be your fault as since it's a sofware issue on a non hackable via software console, and you guys banned it, not me I just got the darn thing and no the previous friend to have it in his possesion did not mod it either. I wiped the hdd and only play retail games in a retail console. What's your excuse no?

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    Your ban will stand as issued....If they banned you, it's because you did something to violate the terms of use or code of conduct.  Did you buy the console used? Did you ever get it repaired from somewhere other than Xbox Support?  You can scream how ridiculous this is until you're red in the face, but that console will remain banned.  No whining, ultimatums, or lawyers will get your console unbanned, simply because when you signed up for the service you agreed to follow the rules, and if this console was purchased used, you take in all of the risks of the previous owner.  If you got it repaired by someone other than Microsoft, you run the risk of having your console seen as tampered.