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no puedo descargar nada desde el bazar de xbox live (I can not download anything from the bazar xbox live)

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disculpen porque no puedo descargar nada de el bazar he intentado descargar micrsoft points y no agarra ni para descargar juegos ni demos ni complementos y me aparece el codigo de error 800700E8 y ya lo he buscado en el soporte tecnico y no lo encuentro que puedo hacer ya cheque la tarjeta una y otra ves y esta bien no se porque no agarra que hago? 
me podrian decir  por favor 


sorry because I can not download Bazaar tried download micrsoft points and not grab or anything to download games or demos or accessories and get me the error 800700E8 code and I've searched in the technical support and can not find I can do already check the card again and you see and it well not is because not grab that I do?
I could say please
Thank you
Good bye


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    Hey there Hantick! I understand you are having some issues purchasing content from the Marketplace, correct? Do you see this error code every time you try to purchase content or redeem points? If you haven't already, please check out our Purchasing Guide ( for basic steps.

    I'm also moving this thread to our Purchasing Forum for best help. Thanks!

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