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Purchased Max Payne 2 on XBL but always get stuck at 99%

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I have a problem with the download of Max Payne 2 on Xbox Live. I purchase it for 800MSP but every times I try to download it still run to 99% then stop..

I have followed all the step of this post ( + erase and download of my profile again...

I've also formated the drive.. but I'm still having issues.. It always go to 4.5Gb (on 4.7Gb) and i see it corrupted in my storage...

So this is why I'm coming to you for a little help.. I'll want to do this game again before the 3 comes out!

- What is the content you are trying to download?

Max Payne 2 : The Fall of Max Payne

- What error code or message are you receiving?

"Couldn't download..."

- What region is your account?


- What region do you phisically live in?


-Please post the link to the result image from your

Here it is... I don't know what to do now.. It's 8 year I'm on XBL and I'll never had any issues..

It's the first time i find a problem..

if anybody have a solution I'll take it!!

Thank you!

Have a nice day!

(PS : Sorry for my english, i'm from belgium and speaking french usually.. )

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    Sorry to hear you're having some trouble downloading your game, Craig. In order to get started troubleshooting can you please make a thread by clicking this link ? Be sure to detail out your exact situation including any error codes you are seeing and the resolution steps you have tried so far. This will enable us to start the troubleshooting process. Thank you in advance! Standing by for your thread. :)

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    Hello again!

    I've tried some different think in addition...

    I follow the helping post again + format + re-dl my profile from XBL. I also connect my xbox directly to the modem (not through the router) and it still continue to down correctly till 99% ...  :/

    But when I try downloading something else ... It works! Go on 100% and I can play the downloaded thing...

    I'll check again when I'll come back to my place but I don't know what to try next??

    They say on faq to wait for 72hrs.. I'll check back on monday..

    Then I think my last thing to do is to call to the helpdesk... but what will they have more than on this forum for solution?

    A refund?? No!  I want to play the game I buy!

    Thanks for your help.. If you can  :)


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    the 99% thing happens when something in your regions do not match it says your account region is Belgium as well as your location, but what is your console from.  if your account region, console region, and physical region do not match then you will get that error.

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    Where the console is from should not matter when it comes to downloads.

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    if its region locked content I have seen MANY people trying to download something and if they do not have all three requirements for region met they would get that error, it just depends on if it is region locked or not.

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    Hi guys!

    Thanks for your answers.. but I buy my console in Belgium too...

    So all the three region are the same..

    And I retry downloading another thing from XBL it go all the way to 100%...

    Just for Max Payne 2 It stop at 99%...

    I think I've tried all... :/

    I'll just ask for a refund to the phone helpdesk if it's the only solution.. :(

    Thanks for answering but I think I can forget to play Max Payne 2 again...

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    Nobody got a solution?

    Every time I see a 99% problem, I see people talking about region.. But I'm in the region I've bought the console from and I've created my gamertag with this console in my home...

    I've contacted the xbox support but they don't know what to do.. They just repeat me the step of the helping post and nothing in addition...

    They say they are investigating, and the they will call me back... From Monday now..

    Waiting.. But.. I've paid my game on Saturday... You think it's correct to cannot play with it?? (we are thuesday now... :(  )

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    Have you done this?

    Unplug your modem and router for 2-5mins

    I'd wait 5 mins

    Then plug them back on and wait 2 mins for the modem to reconnect

    Then redownload it


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    Thanks for your help... but..

    Yes I've already tried this..

    I'm desperate.. I've already tried all the solution.. in many ways and many times..

    Maybe someone who have downloaded it this week can confirm it's working on his side??

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    I bought Max Payne (1) on sunday, and I never got past 13%. I contacted support and they eventually credited my account the 800 points, with no resolution on the download.  

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    Hey there Neil! Looks like you've already got some community attention here, which is great! I'm sorry to hear you are having issues downloading this game. I see you've already tried most of the steps, but I have a couple more I'd like to add.

    First, I want to clarify when you try downloading again, you follow these steps in this order: delete partial file, clear system cache, restart console, download again. Does that help at all?

    Next, let's try clearing your Marketplace cache to see if that helps at all. Follow these steps:

    1. On your console, go to Settings, and then select System.
    2. Select Storage, and then select your storage device.
    3. Select System Items.
    4. Select Marketplace System Data.
    5. Select Delete.
    6. Clear your Xbox 360 system cache.
    7. Restart your console.
    8. Go back to your Download History and try downloading the item again.

    Let me know if that helps at all and we'll go from there. Thanks!  

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    Thanks for your answer!

    Yes I follow the step in this order... but always having the problem.

    So I follow the other 8 steps.. but I have no data in system settings..

    I retry ALL the step (modem off/on + console clear cache + restart + re-download...)

    That's not working at all.. I think  there's something wrong on xbox side.. that's not possible..

    Every other thing I download goes on 100% and it's ok.. Only with Max Payne 2 it blocks on 99%, finish like nothing goes wrong but when I take a look  the item appear broken on my hard drive...

    And I don't want the same solution as "t4tombo"... I don't want a refund I want to play my games I bought one week ago...  :(  

    So I think there's NO solution.. why let a game that doesn't work on the marketplace?? I've seen there were problem times ago on the same game.. it seems to be resolved for a time as I read on some other place..  :/   But seems like the problem come back... Or is it just for me??

    If someone from xbox can try to download the game and say it's working?? It will clarify one thing.. Is it coming from me or from xbox?

    I think I will play Max Payne 3 before the 2...

    Thanks for trying to help!

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    I Have exactly the same problem. I tried everythng that you said, but it 's still stuck at 99%   no error message or anything :(

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    Hmm, that's odd that you aren't seeing any files there. Can you tell me what model console you have (older w/ external Hard Drive or newer "S" with internal Hard drive)? Also, what size Hard Drive are you using? Can you try turning the console off, removing this Hard Drive, and then trying your download again with a different Hard Drive or even a USB storage device (properly formated:

    Also, I'm not seeing any phone calls logged on your account. You mentioned calling in and I just wanted to double check what came from that. Can you please PM me (envelope icon below my post) the service number they provided you so I can check on that call? Thanks!

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    I have an Elite xbox with external 120Gb hard drive.

    I have tested it with the 120Gb, with an usbkey of 8Gb formatted by the console and on an usb drive (320Gb) formatted by the console (and it say something about the performance...)

    But with all these try It always block at 99%. (and I'm not the only one.. 3 people says they got the same problem that me... Maybe I'm not far away from the truth as I say it's coming from xbox side..)

    Yes I've got a phone call with the support service.. they just say all the things I've tried so far and they will refund me with the possibility to download again the game...

    I'll Pm you my service number  ;)

    Thanks again for the help  ;)

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    I have the exact same problem with Max Payne 2. Every other download works. I'm pretty sure the game files are the problem.