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achat carte microsoft point sur livecheaps360 [purchase microsoft map point on livecheaps360]

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slt a tous sur le site livecheaps360 jai acheter un code microsoft 4200 point et se code a déja été utiliser se son des escroc pas de remorsement via paypal car il a une close de nom remboursement il nous vende des code déja utiliser c'est des voleur

SLT has all the site livecheaps360 JHA purchase a 4200 microsoft code point and to code has already summer use is the scammer his not remorsement via paypal because it has a close name refund sell us code already use it is the thief 

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  • Hey there Zink! I'm not entirely sure what your issue is here, but it sounds like you purchased some points from a less-than-reputable retailer and the code was already redeemed? If that is the case, the only thing you can do is try to get a refund from the retailer. If this was on a site like eBay, you can contact them. You can also contact your bank to see if they can assist in some way. Let me know if this helps, thanks!

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