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Can't authorize the selected payment option.

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My gold member will expire on June 21. and im trying to renew my gold membership and after filling up the information i got the error Can't authorize the selected payment option. Please select a different payment option or add a new one. But my sister just used the credit card three weeks ago here in the philippines and she bought gold member without any problems. i already did the listed solutions that is on the FAQ's.


What type of payment method are you trying to add?

Credit Card - Visa
What error code or message are you receiving? 

Can't authorize the selected payment option. Please select a different payment option or add a new one.

What region is your account set to? 

United States

What region do you physically connect from?

What region is your payment method's billing address in? 

 United States California


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    I am getting the same for my paypal which i know is in full working order, I think there are issues with the marketplace just now.

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    I am also getting the same error.

    It actually let me through to purchase points, and it charged my paypal account for them, but it didn't give me them.


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    it accepted the credit card yesterday. but my 3 month gold member expired yesterday and the promo for $10 for 3 months is gone. :(

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    Gragan: Are you getting an error setting up your Paypal, or when purchasing?

    Ronshouse: You can check our billing site ( to see point deposits as well as spending them. Do you see your points here?

    OsoBear: I'm sorry to hear that the promo is no longer available, but don't worry too much, we are running promos all the time! Let us know if you have any other issues.

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    im getting it to with visa, but im in canada, and my billing adress is the same as where im connecting from, also my card info totally works, i just got some PSN cash for when castlevania HoD with couch co-op comes to psn 2morrow, so i KNOW the cards fine....GRRR (not angry directly at you mr gwyther...just.....RRRRRRRR)

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    Dawn: Have you checked all the suggestions in our Payment Method Guide ( Have you tried any other payment method on your account?

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    yes, and now the sites just plain out giving me a "this action cannot be performed at this time, please try again later: message   along with for more info go to support, and then it just link to the generic support home page.   id post a screenie, but im not sure if these forums support screenshots, and im a bit to lazy to find out.

    at this point when red text is telling me not now, try again later, i generally assume its something to do with xbox and not my account,  (i also got a response in another thread reguarding this and saying xbox is having problems)

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    Dawn: Just to clarify, are you trying to add your payment method on or the console? Try the console, and let me know if you get an error there. Thanks!

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    And on my console and on my computer as well, does not work, thank you xbox, you should give away some extras for the inconvenience...

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    I'm also suffering from this problem. Tried three seperate VISA cards and still getting the same message. Very unhappy as I've purchased with each of these three cards before and I've checked all billing information is correct. Tried on and on my console.

    I work till 7-7 most weekdays so my weekends are my only real free time to sit and play so this is doubly frustrating.

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    I have this problem. I've Tried every different payment method from 500 points all the way to 6000 points with both my Visa and my Paypal.

    NONE work right now. It's really getting to me since i want to buy a bunch of addons to Oblivion.

    And i checked my credit card and bank i have over $500 in there.

    I can add  that i managed to get the 2000 point add earlier with my paypal, i couldn't add 5000 which is what i wanted so i tried 2000 and it worked then.
    But now i cant add anything.

    It doesn't work with paying from my account here at my pc either.

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    Several weeks ago, I successfully downloaded Resident Evil 4 off of Xbox Marketplace with my Paypal information.

    This week, I have tried three, maybe four times with the same information to download Resident Evil Code Veronica, but keep getting errors.

    When I try to download it on the console, I get "Can't authorize the selected payment option. Please select a different payment option or add a new one." But I never changed my payment option info to begin with, I used the same as with downloading the last game. When I deleted the paypal info and re-added it, I get the same error message.

    When I try to download it on, I get "Sorry, an error has occurred during the transaction. Please try again later."

    What's going on?

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    me to i need to verify my credit card again and i cant so its not just me? right lol

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    yep i cant buy live with my visa ffs