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UPDATE ERROR: 3CD6-0000-0080-0300-8007-0570

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So I bought my Son a new Xbox 360 S combo package, the one that's white and come with Skylanders! So to get to my reason for this post! I set up everything for him and all was going well until I tried to get onto Xbox Live! I get a message that says something like -A new update is available. If you choose not to update you won't be able to sign into or use Xbox Live. Do you wish to update? So then I hit "yes" - it starts the download process and within a few minutes I get an error code (stated above)! Before you say well the're are other ways to update, don't b/c I already! First I tried using the USB, it extracts files then I get an error code similar to the first but not the same. (It's the same code as the one on Yardfiggle's post!) So then I tried a CD-R, no luck again! I even put my 250gig HD in his Xbox but it must save the update on the harddrive. I can get the Xbox working fine with my harddrive! His only has the 4gig internal! Is there anyone who had this problem and knows how to fix it please help! Would it help/change anything if I bought a larger removable HD? It's so frustrating to have something brand new not work right! Thanks in advance for your help! My Son and I will be most grateful for any assistance you guys can give!!!
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    This is an emerging issue w/ the 4GB Xbox 360 S. At this time the Xbox team is looking into it. You may want to contact support here:

    To help out with them gathering information. Thank you.

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