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How to transfer content licenses

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License transfers for new consoles
License transfers for repaired consoles
"Content assigned to other console"
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Just got your account back from repair? Just purchased a new Xbox? Looking to transfer your licenses for any content you have purchased in the past? Receiving any errors when trying to download content you already downloaded in the past? Look no further than right here!


First off, here is an existing FAQ on License Transfers.


Basics - Pre License Transfer

So, you just bought a new console and you are wondering what to do about all of your DLC, an understandable issue that is not always clearly addressed. The information posted here will guide you in your quest for using your DLC once again!


1.) When you purchase a new console, obviously none of your DLC, gamerpictures, themes, or game saves are on the console, as they are on your old console.


  • Now, to transfer all of these things onto your new console, you need either a memory unit or the Data Transfer Kit. I suggest the Data Transfer Kit as it moves everything over in one simple fluid process. Read this topic for information about the Data Transfer Kit and how to obtain one.


2.) Now, once all of your DLC, gamerpics, and themes are transferred over along with your gamesaves, you are not out of the clear yet. You will also need to transfer your GamerTag profile onto your console. For more information on how to do that, read here.



License Transfers - New Consoles

Onto, the License Transfer! Once the above is taken care of, you still will not be able to access anything you purchased and transferred over. The reason for this is because the licenses for that content are still associated with your old console, and therefore needs to be associated with your new console for playability.


You can transfer your content licenses to your new console by following these steps on the console you wish to transfer the licenses to:


  1. Navigate to the Settings Hub and select Account.
  2. Select License Transfer.
  3. Carefully read the prompt and select Continue.


The License Transfer process can also be completed online here. Please be aware however that this process can only be completed ONCE EVERY 4 MONTHS


  • As said, this can only be completed once every 4 months, so DO NOT transfer your licenses onto a secondary console unless you wish that console to be the primary console to use your DLC.


  • The point of the license transfer is so you can play your content whenever you wish, whether that be offline or online. If you are on a console without the licenses, the account will not be able to use the content unless it is connected to LIVE.


  • Any console with the account that purchased the DLC will be able to access the DLC as long as that account is on the console, regardless if the licenses are on that console or not.


  • Any other profile that is on the same console as the primary account that purchased the DLC will also be able to access the DLC as long as the primary profile remains on that console.


License Transfers - Repaired Consoles

If your console comes back from repair, you do NOT need to transfer your licenses, as the support people who repaired/replaced your Xbox will have done that for you at the factory. This also will not count towards your once every 4 month transfer, so no need to worry about that either!


"Content Assigned to other console"

So, you just got your console back or you bought a new console and you are trying to re-download your content and you are getting a message that says "content assigned to other console", here is what to do!


Reason - After NXE launched it made whatever console you first downloaded marketplace items on your primary console. This message means that any content you are trying to download is assigned to your previous console, despite the licenses being transferred. The fix is quite simple.


1.) To fix the issue, go to the Marketplace and send something to your console queve, then follow the next steps to resolve the issue permanently.


  1. Sign into your new console, or if you have more than one console, the console in which you are trying to make your primary console.
  2. Send an item to your download queue.
  3. Go to your active downloads. To do this, press the "guide button", then "marketplace", then active downloads".
  4. Select the item and press "A"
  5. Choose the second option, "download all items". Choosing this option makes this console your primary console and the problem will cease permanently.


  • Alternatively you can read this guide by Major Nelson


Movies/TV Show Licenses

Please be aware that Movie and TV Show licenses that were purchased on the old console WILL NOT transfer over due to licensing restrictions. Please make sure you watch them if you wish to view them again before transferring your license.


Note: Feel free to PM me if you wish to discuss any of this, I will respond as soon as I can with the best answers I can provide. Happy gaming!

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