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Never recieved 12 month subscription bonus points.

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I am completely unsatisfied with the support offered for this program. I renewed my 12 month gold subscription in January (while the 2x subscription promotion was happening) with a 12+2 promotion card from a store, as it was cheaper than straight through Microsoft, and the 400 points for doing so never showed up in pending.
Never in the promotional material on the website did it state anywhere I could see that I needed to renew my subscription in a specific way (credit card etc) to receive the reward, and the rewards website even offers 'through a prepaid card' option.
I have spent an age with Xbox live support by phone (that was after taking a number tries, over a few weeks, to get through since the business hours for phone support fail to match anything useful in New Zealand entirely), who couldn’t help me with this issue, and quite frankly, weren’t even interested in trying, They kept me hanging on the line without saying anything for up to 10 minutes at a time. Finally they just said 'read the forums, we don't handle this' when the maximum allotted 45 minutes was up, and hung up on me.
Keep in mind I could see no links to any forums from the Xbox rewards website, and I had to use Google to find this one.
Very, very disappointed with this service so far.
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  • At the bottom of the Rewards site there is a link to the FAQ page that does have a link to the forums -


    You can also find the terms and conditions for renewing gold on the next link -


    Renew 12 Month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership: Available only to participants who are Xbox LIVE Gold members renewing their Gold subscription as of the Program start date. Participants must be Xbox LIVE Gold members at the time of renewal. Xbox LIVE Free members and Xbox LIVE Trial Gold members purchasing a subscription are not eligible. Each twelve (12) month Xbox LIVE Gold membership purchased during the Program Period will earn two hundred (200) Microsoft Points, up to a maximum of two hundred (200) Microsoft Points during a twelve (12) month period. To renew your Xbox LIVE Gold subscription, either redeem a Prepaid LIVE Gold subscription, purchase a subscription from your Xbox 360 console’s Dashboard, or visit during the Program Period. Users of Prepaid LIVE Gold subscriptions will be credited upon actual renewal date, defined as the time the previous subscription would have expired.


    You can use a prepaid card or credit card in order to qualify, as long as you add the time while you're still on a gold subscription. The renewal points won't show as pending until after the time actually starts, not from the day you add the time. Since the terms and conditions says that the renewal date is when the time actually starts, the 12 months would have had to also start in January in order to receive the double offer since the offer was for renewing and not just adding the time.

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    Well, thanks for clearing that up. I was a silver account at the time - my fault for not reading the fine print, I would have wasted one of my many 1 month cards I have from my console breaking several times over the years if I had known you needed to be a current gold subscriber.

    Maybe instead of just saying 'renew your gold subscription' in the promotional boxes (Which I did, it had just lapsed inbetween times) it should say 'renew your current gold subscription' or 'renew your existing gold subscription', something to let you know what the deal is.

    It does however seems that the support guys on the phone could have done a much better job in actually helping me with this problem rather than, well, stuffing me around.

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    hey man im always gold and never silver the rewards program is a bunch of bull im still awaiting points from december 2012 and every month ahead so they like to manipulate us the loyal gamers get screwed eveytime if i were you id get off the rewards program i am it sucks sad

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    Hydro, please post your own thread on the forum for support. Thanks!

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