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Hello from the Xbox LIVE Rewards Squad!

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Hey Everyone!



We, the Xbox LIVE Rewards Squad, would like to welcome you to the Xbox LIVE Rewards forum.


Our team looks forward to helping you out, but while we’re in transition, please bear with us. While we are catching up to your inquiries, It may take us longer to respond.  Our team will be responding from the following GTs denoted with an X so you know it’s us:


XBLRewards0 - XBLRewards9


For the best support we encourage you to reply using the prompt below. If you provide us with the below information we will be able to help you out more quickly:

Inquiry: What are you here for? What’s your question? The more details you provide the better we’ll be able to answer you!

Timing: When did you notice the issue? Is it still ongoing?



We also request you do not “bump” your threads as we will be responding to posts from oldest to newest. Replying to your thread again will move you to the back of the line. It is our goal to get to your Xbox LIVE Rewards Inquiries as fast as we can.  


Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm Pacific Standard time. Please note that if you ask your question on a weekend, holiday or after hours, it will take us a little while to respond. 


Lastly, if you have a general question regarding a current promotion or offering, feel free to ask your question on Twitter @XboxLIVErewards or @XboxSupport. You can also follow us for Rewards specific updates or general Xbox updates respectively!

The Xbox LIVE Rewards Squad

Xbox LIVE Rewards Squad

Follow us on Twitter at @XboxLIVErewards!

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    Xbox LIVE Rewards Squad

    Follow us on Twitter at @XboxLIVErewards!

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