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Tracking my triple play on here watch me not qualify anyway.

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Ok, I'm pretty fed up with the way xbox/ microsoft offers people things like 800 points and then doesn't deliver or how their rewards for renewing subscriptions never actually show up in a HUGE PERCENTAGE of the accounts that are created for rewards. I am keeping track of the next incentive/ scam here.

Today, 4-11-12 I have played two hours (the longest most boring hours of my life) of Gunstringer, a Kinect game.

I will also log in to my facebook account and leave it up and open for one hour.

This should take care of two out of three requirements for triple play. I know that my Hulu hours are already up for the month of April but just in case I will also leave my xbox on to stream 10 hours of HuluPlus. Lets see you find an excuse for not giving me the 300 points. Are you not going to find my email again this time like you did with the 800 MS points offer that brought me here in the first place? Or are you just not going to reward the points and then not respond to requests for action?

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    Today, 4-11-2012,

    I played Gunstringer from 3pm-5pm - Gaming complete

    I ran facebook from 5pm till about 7pm - Social completed

    I ran HuluPlus from 7pm until about 8:40pm.

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    I hope your question gets answered MisterBrownEyes.  I too have kept track of my progress for these points,

    I chose to do 10 hours of online gaming (ME3 and Halo helped out big time), used MSN on for over 10 hours, and watched youtube for over an hour.  I doubt I will get my credit too but I am hopefully optomistic.

    Sorry you had to play Gunstringer btw...

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    I hope you get your points, but for the record the majority of things that goes wrong are the consumers fault not the companies.

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    The customer is always right.

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    Browneyes>>  If you ever worked in a company before, like I have, you know that is a false statement.

    Ambassador, not an employee from Microsoft.

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    i usually get my points but its hard for me to track since stats havent updated since febuary

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    Gem - In my 20's I worked in sales, customer service and client relations/ event management for three very large companies in NYC. While technically you are right, in principle you do the best to give the customer what they want, to make them feel like they are always right.

    A company's reputation can be made or broken by the quality of customer service. And this rewards program does pretty much everything wrong. I take it back, they've done exactly everything wrong. Meanwhile, I don't have my 800 sign up points and as long as I don't I'm going to continue to voice my concerns on this forum.

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    Today, 4-14-2012 I watched HuluPlus from 12PM until 3:48PM when gold signed me out for whatever reason, now I'm back on as of 3:50PM.

    I already have my facebook req met, and my gaming req met. This brings my Hulu total hours to 5.5 hours. And that's only since the time I started tracking for triple play, I already had hours on hulu before then. 

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    Update for 4-14-2012,

    Turning hulu off now for the day unless girlfriend wants to watch shows later. I have been on from 12PM until 6:44PM (put on a few movies and went to run errands). This puts me at well over 6.5 hours today, plus well over 1.5 hours the previous day I was on, for a total of 8 hours so far.

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    Add one more hour of Hulu tonight, so that puts me at well over 9 hours.

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    this is what i have done so far i better get me points

    YOUTUBE is find a video thats says 1.10mins long play it then leave xbox for that time then theres your hour on youtube,  

    ONLINE, just look at the time you have played game for then start playing (for instent i played mw3 looked at time it was 6day59hours so i played till the time says 7day22hours so i no i have racked up well over 10hours)

    NETFLIX, is what i used i signed up for 30day trial netflix tells you what you have watched so i no how meny hours i have racked up so far i have watched over 15films each fillm is over 1hour long so i no i have racked up over 15hours on netflix

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    can someone tell me if black opz zombies or team deathmatch  counts as online multi-player gaming for the 10 hours needed. I currently have a few hours watched on iplayer and will do the 1 hour on youtube.

    This is my 1st time posting in the forum so sorry if i have posted in wrong place :)

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    i wish there was some kind of way to track our progress :(

    ive got the 10 hrs of multi player, got the 1 hr of facebook, and am trying to watch for 10 hrs. guess im gonna just let it play videos over and over so there is no way they can tell me i didnt watch 10 hours video!

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    A pop up or email when you hit it would be great.  It's crazy to worry about those points like this but I need them to push me over the pending threshold.

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    I started on the 10th, I just hit 12 hours of gaming on Homefront, I'm fairly certain I have everything for youtube and I got iHeartradio app streaming about 4 hours every morning.