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I have used netflix and bought something from the marketplace and it hasent gave me the points for it what should i do?

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    Xbox LIVE Rewards Points equal to or greater than 100 will be automatically deposited into your Xbox LIVE account each month. It may take up to 45 days for the points you earn to be deposited into your account. If your points total is less than 100, the points will be held as pending until 100 total points are reached and deposited into your account.

    Read this for more info.

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    Both of these items need to be the first ever, not just first since joining the rewards. So if you ever purchased an item or used Netflix before joining rewards, you wouldn't be eligible for the bonus points.

    Also, for Netflix, you need to be on a paid 30 day subscription before you get those points.

    Have you met both those requirements?

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    Hi SkillsNZ,

    In our records, it shows you were using Netflix before you joined the rewards program, and you made your first online purchase before joining too.  So, you are not eligible for those rewards, but there are lots of other ways to get rewards.  Thanks for being a member!