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xbox rewards

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 In February 2012 I was supposed to receive 800 points for signing up with xbox rewards,It shows the points in my xbox rewards account but have never appeared in my xbox live account.WHATS UP?

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    Are they still pending or in awarded? if they are in the awarded area they were already added to your account. If they are pending could be just delayed.

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    Hello nosbigst: If you don't mind mer asking was this a Dashboard promotion or did you recieve an E-Mail for this promotion?

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    Your points were deposited to your account about March 15, 2012.  Please feel free to verify this for yourself on this site:  Log in using your Windows Live ID that you use for your Xbox.  These points will appear as “Promotional Points” on your account.  I hope this helps.  Thanks.  

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    NO, the points do not appear at all.thats why I am contacting you!