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Hello, I'm a huge fan of Xbox and I've been a part of the Rewards program since late March of this year. In July I started having problems though and they have persisted all the way to today. In July I completed the survey which was supposed to have awarded me 20 Microsoft points and shortly after that I saw that the points were pending on July 9, 2011. That's all well and good so I then purchased another year of Xbox Live gold and the points were added to the pending status on July 15, 2011. When I realized that the points weren't being deposited on July 16, 2011 I called Xbox Live and I was told to wait until August 15, 2011 and that by then the points should be added. Over the period of the month of July 2011 I earned more Reward points by purchasing two or more arcade games for more than 800 Microsoft Points each which was supposed to award me 200 additional Microsoft points. That was to bring my total of pending points to 420 by July 30, 2011. In addition to the 420 I also took the monthly survey in the very beginning of August and by August 2, 2011 all 440 Microsoft points were pending. On August 10, 2011 I signed off Xbox Live and the next morning when I signed back in I noticed a error with my points. I had signed off with 2,490 Microsoft points but woken up to find 4,170 points were in there. I wanted to do the right thing so I instantly called Microsoft and I was told not to spend any of my points so once again I was told to wait. Later that day I got a phone call from Xbox customer support saying that the points were added legitimately through the Xbox Rewards program and that I could go ahead and spend points again. Upon logging into my account I saw that my points that I was told had been legitimately earned were gone and I was back down to 2,490 Microsoft points. I called customer support once again and I was told to wait for yet another phone call. The next day I received a phone call stating that the points had been added by the reward zone program in an error even though I'd already been told they were legit. I let the issue go thinking at the time that I'd be receiving my new 440 Microsoft Points on the 15th or at least some portion of them but I was once again wrong. I waited until the day after the points are supposed to be deposited so that I'd give some buffer time but still nothing. I've now had more than 120 Microsoft Points pending for two deposit periods and yet nothing has been deposited since June 1, 2011. I'm now up to 440 Pending Points and I'd like to know why I'm not getting them when I've already been waiting a month. I was told that I might have to wait yet another month because of the error that was made with my points in the beginning of this month but I hardly see how that's fair considering that would force me to wait a whole other month. I understand that the rewards program is still in it's early stages and there are bound to be mistakes so that being said I'd like to thank everyone there who made it possible. I look forward to doing more business with Xbox in the future and I hope that no disrespect was perceived by this message. Thank you all and take care.

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    It's been nearly 24 hours now and I've still yet to hear from anyone about the issues I posted about. I was told I'd receive a reply within 6-12 hours and still nothing. I wouldn't be so angry about this had I received proper support when I first started having issues over a month ago. I'm quickly losing my patience and I tried convincing myself that there's an order to the way things are done but then I noticed that almost everyone else who posted 12 hours ago has received a reply from someone official. I've tried being as polite and courteous as possible over the last month to all the support team people I've talked to. I've been put on hold for 45 minutes just to be told that I would receive a call the next day. I'm tired of waiting for my points and an answer to the questions I have. It's funny how if someone does something wrong then a certain company takes notice immediately and banns them without a reason being presented at that time, however when someone needs help with the service that is being provided by that company that company then chooses to ignore them until it is opportune to them. Take that as you will. My point here is that I pay for services and I expect to get what I paid for. If it's to hard to answer a question then maybe the news and other media outlets would like to hear my story about how I'm paying for all these promotional deals along with hundreds of others and we're not getting any of what we paid for. I really hope I get a response because as I've said before, " I'm losing my patience". Have a great day.

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    I just tried to post a thing saying that I still haven't received my points and a whole lot of other stuff. I've spent a portion of my own points but I'm still owed 440. I'm not going to go into specifics unless contacted by an official user of Microsoft. I just spent the last 25 minutes explaining everything just to have an error message pop up when I tried to submit it. If I haven't been contacted by noon tomorrow I will be contacting the news not just because of my situation but for everyone's. Have a great day.

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    I've been trying since August 15, 2011 to contact someone on the forums with no luck. I've gone out of my way to be polite and courteous but I'm just about done with that. I left a post last night saying that if I was still not contacted by anyone in an official position on the Microsoft team I would contact the news and media outlets. I'm true to my word unlike the promotional deals that this Rewards program seems to run. I've contacted my local news paper first and that's just step one for me. I'll wait until noon once again tomorrow and if I still have no response I'll be contacting KCVR and a Sacramento, California news station. I really hope it doesn't come down to that. Have a great day.  

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    Hello - I do have to apologize for the late response. Did the phone support agent tell you that you would receive a response in 6-12 hours? Our standard practice as posted in our Official Agent Support Hours  thread is to respond within 24 hours, but unfortunately, as you can see, I was unable to do that in this case, and I apologize. 

    Now, moving on to your queries. :)  

    I do see a deposit into your account from the Rewards team on 8/11, and it does sound like you have been made aware of the system malfunction that caused extra points to be deposited. As this was a mistake due to system error, the points were recalled, but you still should have kept the 420 MSP you were due. Can you confirm if this is the case? 

    I am very interested in helping you, and I do apologize for the delay. It certainly was not intentional. 

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program

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    I can confirm that when the points were recalled I wasn't able to keep any of them. I've done the math on this several time and should have had 2,930 points but that's if you include the points for the survey I just took this month. If I don't include the points for the August survey then I should've been at  2,910. Since posting all of this I've spent 1,440 points bringing me back down to 1,050 so as of now I should have 1,470.

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    Alright, thank you - I will have our Rewards team look into this and try and get an answer for you. :)

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program

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    I also wanted to point out a few inconsistencies with your little program. My rewards program page clearly says that all available pending points have been deposited. That's a joke because I looked at the dates that the points were deposited and they were supposedly awarded months ago. How is that possible when just 3 days ago they all were still pending? My second concern is that even though the rewards home page for my account said the dates and everything of the deposits, there's know record of points being deposited into my account other than 7/12/2011 and that was for 110 Microsoft Points. I know that promotional deposits show up on record and the ones listed for 7/15/2011, 7/9/2011, and 7/30/2011 never make an appearance. It's funny because as I look back at my recorded deposits and what transactions were supposed to take place I see several other times where deposits weren't made. I don't get paid to do this and yet somehow I'm still finding all these errors. There seems to be no problem when it comes to taking points out of my account but if it involves putting them back or following up with rewards for promotional deals then suddenly it takes days to get a direct answer. My last post was dated 8/19/2011 and I was told to expect a reply withing 24 hours. I didn't realize that the standards where to make people wait double that amount of time for a response. I'm assuming I'll once again have to wait 2-3 days for a response again. This is ridiculous. I just want what I paid for and if that's to much to ask then I'd like my money back. I know that when you download something that the terms clearly state that there's no refunds but does that apply when you're not getting all of what you paid for? I haven't lost faith in these people yet but I'm starting to.

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    I do apologize for the previous delay in replying. I'm actually working super late tonight to make sure everyone is getting a response in a timely matter. :)

    Now, I think there is a bit of confusion here - Rewards points are ever only deposited once per month. The dates you are seeing are the dates that you earned the credits and they were placed in your Pending Queue; not the dates those points would have been deposited to your account. If you would like, you can post a screen capture of your Rewards statement here, or directly to me in Private Message (use the little envelope icon below my post - no Xbox LIVE messages, please), and I would be more than happy to walk you through the various rewards, when you earned them, why, and at what point those Rewards would have been due to be deposited into your account. :) 

    Have a great night! :)  

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program

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    I thank you for taking the time to post on the forums that late at night and I realize I've been very pushy but I'm just trying to figure out what's going on. I understand what you were saying about how it's displaying the dates the points were earned and if that's indeed the case then I'm still wondering why it doesn't show any record of Microsoft points being added since early July. I've looked over the rewards points and I've done the math several times but it still seems that when the large batch of points where added that none where left there as rewards. I gained and lost the same amount. Once again I thank you "Miss Portia" for your late nights and tireless efforts at resolving this issue an I'm truly sorry for being so harsh before. Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you.

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    I've done some more of my own research on this matter and I've found even more inconsistencies. I spent the last day looking at the Microsoft Billing and Account Management page but more specifically at my points and I found some major flaws. I purchased a 4,000 Microsoft point card and redeemed it on July 27, 2011. On that same day July 27, 2011 I purchased a game from the Market Place called From Dust for 1,200 Microsoft Points and this should've left me with 2,800 Points assuming I didn't have any other points at the time which I know I did. On July 30, 2011 I made 2 more purchases. One purchase was a game called Bloody Good Time (400 Microsoft Points) and the other was Dead Block (800 Microsoft Points). All these purchases were the only purchases on record and showing after I redeemed the 4,000 Microsoft Point Card. and it should've left me with 1,600 Points but just in case my math is wrong lets check again. 4,000 - 1,200 - 400 - 800 = 1,600. That's really weird because if you check my starting balance in August even though I should have a minimum of 1,600 I actually have 630 Microsoft Points. Of course then there's the deposits on record of the mistake that was made in early August where 5 increments of 420 Microsoft Points where added but the part I find to be even a bit more confusing is the fact that even though it says none of the points were removed, I can see that they were because none of the math adds up in a logical way. I stand by what I said before and I'm still looking for mistakes that have been made but so far this and a couple other discrepancies have become noticeable to me. I would like to also note that I still owe Miss Portia a debt of gratitude for her late night work on this. On July 22, 2011 at 11:16 PM. Thank you. I posted this twice but deleted the original because I made an error by stating that Dead Block was only 400 Points.

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    Hey mate, for the above issue, please give phone support a ring at 800-4MY-XBOX. They're the only team that can handle a billing issue of that particular nature.

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    That's cute but I still didn't get an answer about how I haven't received Microsoft points through the rewards program since July and that seems like an issue that only you can help me with. I'll go ahead and call the phone number and I'll even put the reference number just to cover all basis but I feel I'm starting to be taken advantage of.

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    Honestly mate, the issue being described here is a little convoluted. What I'm drawing from it, re-reading your posts, is that you currently have 440 points showing as pending in your account, correct? And that they have not been deposited now for over 30 days? Can you please take a screenshot of your Rewards page and post it here (after editing out any personal information on the page)? Also, apologies if I've misunderstood--please, in a few sentences, explain the issue you'd like resolved as clearly as possible, and we'll get to the bottom of this for you. Thanks!

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    This is getting old. I don't have the technology to take a screen shot so I guess that's not going to happen and that's also not my fault. Back in the beginning of this whole mess I had 440 Microsoft Points pending but now I've only got 20 points pending. Back on August 16, 2011 I posted for the first time about this issue saying all 440 points were pending which at the time they were but then on August 22, 2011 my Rewards Homepage said that all pending points have been awarded besides 20 of them and those 20 points were posted as pending for completing the August Survey. I talked to Miss Portia previously and told her that I understood that the dates shown on the points awarded list was not a representation of when the points were awarded but instead when they were earned. I understand that still to be the case. Here's what I find interesting though. I've called into Xbox Customer Support several time on different days and each time the one constant thing that has never changed is that no one has found any record of the Rewards points in question actually being deposited and then left there. There was the mistake that was made where 5 increments of 420 points were put into my account but then they where all removed within 24 hours. While it does show record of the points being awarded in the fashion of an error it doesn't show them being removed which I've been told they were and it was reflected on my points as well. With this being said none of the Rewards points stayed in my account but it seems as though I'm getting a run around by being told that I need to explain in greater detail what's going on. Let me show you the math. Since there's know possible way to tell exactly how many Microsoft points I had I'm going to start on October 21, 2010 because that's the first time any deposits of points was made that is visible.

    Please follow the format to help keep track of what everything is.

    Date     /     Points Added or Removed     /     Balance     /     Purchase Description

    10 / 21 / 2010   /     +160     /    160     /     Promotional

    10 / 25 / 2010   /     +100     /    260     /     Promotional Prepaid Code Card

    10 / 25 / 2010   /     +100     /    360     /     Promotional Prepaid Code Card

    11 / 20 / 2010   /     +1,600  /   1,960   /     Prepaid Code Card

    11 / 22 / 2010   /     - 1,600  /    360     /     Undead Nightmare Collection

    02 / 04 / 2011   /     +1,600  /   1,960   /     Prepaid Code Card

    02 / 04 / 2011   /     - 800     /   1,160   /     Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

    02 / 28 / 2011   /     - 800     /    360     /     Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money

    04 / 01 / 2011   /     +4,000  /   4,360   /     Prepaid Point Card

    04 / 01 / 2011   /     - 600     /   3,760   /     Costume Quest

    04 / 01 / 2011   /     - 400     /   3,360   /     Costume Quest: Grubbins On Ice

    04 / 02 / 2011   /     - 400     /   2,960   /     Dark Forest Pack

    04 / 02 / 2011   /     - 400     /   2,560   /     Trials Of St. Lucia

    04 / 02 / 2011   /     - 400     /   2,160   /     A Kingdom For Keflings

    04 / 02 / 2011   /     - 160     /   2,000   /     Kingdom Pack 1

    04 / 02 / 2011   /     - 160     /   1,840   /     Kingdom Pack 2

    04 / 05 / 2011   /     - 800     /   1,040   /     Yahtzee - Full Game

    04 / 07 / 2011   /     +4,000  /   5,040   /     Prepaid Code Card

    04 / 13 / 2011   /     - 800     /   4,240   /     Bulletstorm Gun Sonata DLC Pack

    04 / 22 / 2011   /     - 200     /   4,040   /     Sonic The Hedgehog 3

    04 / 22 / 2011   /     - 400     /   3,640   /     Sonic Adventure

    04 / 22 / 2011   /     - 400     /   3,240   /     Sonic Adventure DX Upgrade

    04 / 22 / 2011   /     - 120     /   3,120   /     Sonic Knuckles

    04 / 27 / 2011   /     - 600     /   2,520   /     Banjo-Kazooie

    04 / 28 / 2011   /     +4,000  /   6,520   /     Prepaid Point Card

    04 / 28 / 2011   /     - 150     /   6,370   /     Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Brainiac

    04 / 28 / 2011   /     - 80       /   6,290   /     War Horse

    04 / 28 / 2011   /     - 80       /   6,210   /     Golden Guns Weapon Pack

    04 / 28 / 2011   /     - 80       /   6,130   /     Deadly Assassin Outfit

    04 / 29 / 2011   /     - 240     /   5,890   /     Centipede Atari Arcade

    04 / 29 / 2011   /     -1,200   /   4,690   /     Portal: Still Alive

    05 / 09 / 2011   /     - 800     /   3,890   /     A World Of Keflings

    05 / 12 / 2011   /     +300     /   4,190   /     Promotional Points Added

    05 / 18 / 2011   /     - 240     /   3,950   /     Red Dragon

    05 / 19 / 2011   /     - 240     /   3,710   /     Carrier Imp

    05 / 25 / 2011   /     - 800     /   2,910   /     Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts

    05 / 30 / 2011   /     +1,600  /   4,510   /     Prepaid Point Card

    05 / 31 / 2011   /     - 560     /   3,950   /     Alan Wake: The Writer

    06 / 02 / 2011   /     - 800     /   3,150   /     Peggle

    06 / 02 / 2011   /     - 400     /   2,750   /     Peggle Nights Content Pack

    06 / 02 / 2011   /     -1,200   /   1,550   /     Plants Vs Zombies

    06 / 03 / 2011   /     +4,000  /   5,550   /     Prepaid Point Card

    06 / 04 / 2011   /     - 240     /   5,310   /     Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

    06 / 07 / 2011   /     - 400     /   4,910   /     Klassic Skins Pack #1

    06 / 08 / 2011   /     - 400     /   4,510   /     Haunted House

    06 / 16 / 2011   /     - 160     /   4,350   /     Weapons Of Madness And Dresses Pack

    06 / 21 / 2011   /     -1,200   /   3,150   /     Mortal Kombat Season Pass

    06 / 25 / 2011   /     - 240     /   2,910   /     Total Miner: Forge

    06 / 26 / 2011   /     - 240     /   2,670   /     Fortress Craft Chapter 1

    06 / 28 / 2011   /     - 240     /   2,430   /     Gears Of War 3 Premium Theme

    07 / 12 / 2011   /     +110     /   2,540   /      Promotional Points Added

    07 / 13 / 2011   /     -1,200   /   1,340   /      Trenched

    07 / 19 / 2011   /     - 800     /      540   /      Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues English

    07 / 29 / 2011   /     +4,000  /   4,540   /      Prepaid Point Card

    07 / 29 / 2011   /     -1,200   /   3,340   /      From Dust

    07 / 30 / 2011   /     - 400     /   2,940   /      Bloody Good Time

    07 / 30 / 2011   /     - 800     /   2,140   /      Dead Block

    Now here's where things get interesting.

    08 / 05 / 2011   /     - 240     /   1,900   /      Castle Miner

    Instead of being at 1,900 Microsoft point which I clearly should've been at by this point through proof of the billing website on Microsoft's accounts and billing page I'm some how starting that month with 630 Microsoft points. That's 1,270 Microsoft points suddenly missing from my account. Let's not forget the 420 points that were technically never awarded because even though it shows that they were deposited somehow they've disappeared from my account without being subtracted from the billing history. I think I've explained in plenty of detail what the problem here is. This whole effort has taken me a great deal of time to deal with and I'd like a response before September 1, 2011 because I've got a feeling that when that date comes around my beginning balance in August will no longer be shown because it only shows the beginning balance of the month you're in. Thank you for your time and I look forward to a response.

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    I still haven't received any sort of response. If this issue hasn't been resolved by September I'm only going to be owed more points because I've already completed the promotional deal for August which will add an additional 160 Microsoft points for purchasing 1,600 points worth of Marketplace content. Adding this to the 1,270 points deducted in early August because of a "Glitch in the system" plus the 420 owed already along with the 20 from the August survey clearly comes out to 1,870 Microsoft points. Strangely enough though I don't see the points pending for purchasing my Marketplace content this month. I can only assume I'm going to have to drag this out for another month. Better yet someone new will be introduced to the situation at hand and they wont be able to comprehend what the issue is and this will most likely force me to draw a picture and then post that so it's easier to understand. It shouldn't be this hard to get my points that I'm owed. It's funny how they can be taken out within mere moments but when it comes to getting them back it becomes a month long project. Right now I've got 1,050 points in my account adding the correct amount of points I've earned will bring me to 2,920 points. Hopefully this issue will get resolved soon because I'm running out of patience.