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Clearing Queue Xbox Music Windows 8

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How do I clear the now playing queue in XBOX Music - Windows 8?



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    When you play something new, it will replace the current "Now Playing" queue unless you are choosing to Add to Queue.

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    Short answer is, you can't "clear" the now playing queue. I think it's extremely lame that there isn't a "Clear Now Playing" button, every other established music app has this. Also, when I choose to play a song from the same album that is already in the queue instead of Add to Queue, it still just adds it to the end of the queue. So... this is a broken scenario.

    I keep wanting to switch over to xbox music from Rhapsody because xbox music allows me to have my own music collection in addition to having access to the "all music" catalog. But alas, I don't switch because it's clear that xbox music isn't quite there yet. It's a shame that simple features like "Clear Now Playing" prevents me from giving MS my money, but it is what it is. So, I will continue to use Google Play Music and Rhapsody.

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