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walking dead season pass 302 still not working right???

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I take it xbox video is not ready for prime time?

I bought the xbox 360 walking dead 302 season pass.

When I go to my control panel it shows the latest eposode (10) that aired last night. It shows it a "preveiw", an "option to purchase", but since I bought the season pass why do I need to buy it again? 

Xbox video seems more of a hassle than its worth (my first attempt using xbox video). I think the vids should be available at the time they air (thats the whole point in buying a season pass). If I have to wait days after or for "fixes" I may as well find it elsewhere on the net. Being that I never got to use my season pass I want a full $20 refund or it fixed - now - with in the next hour. Otherrwise I'm, contacting my CC company to stop payment for services not rendured, breach of contract.

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    <----Same here, Ravster

    I ignore your reality then I substitute my own.
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    I am having the same issue using XBOX video on Windows 8, or through the zune PC software.  Neither work.  

    "Media Usage Rights Error Has Occurred"  through the zune PC Software if I try to select Download.

    Never again microsoft.

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    Hi all,

    Have you tried clearing your cache and refreshing your purchase history as of lately? It was last suggested a while ago and might be worth another shot now. Let us know what happens. Thanks!

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    Still doesnt work, need a real solution. Or iTunes and amazon will get busy.

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    Okay guys, try these steps to fix your issues. (WARNING!!!!----if you have any rentals this will get rid of them, watch them before peforming or be willing to scrap them.)

    On the dashboard go all the way to the right to system-storage-pick the storage unit you used to save the data-go to system items-clear rights database- clear marketplace data. AFter that go to the folder that says games and apps-

    delete the entire folder for xbox video, xbox music, and anything that says zune-after that go back to the storage unit selection screen and instead of pressing x on the storage unit press y-from here select clear cache-after doing that power off your xbox and unplug it for 30 seconds- plug it back in turn it on-sign to account and start xbox video and try content again

    I hope this helps you all.

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    Hi all, Are you now seeing issues with the latest episode (episode 12) in the season pass? Let us know. Thanks!

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    Yes downloaded 12  of TWD Season 302 multiple times and still receiving 803c0008. I have been able to steam it sort of. Very choppy and buffering every 30 seconds. Did not have this problem with season 2 episodes when they came out, no network hardware changes since then so should not have any new issues! Please fix this...

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    Hey Folks! I would suggest making sure you have run through the below troubleshooting steps, and if you still receive that error, let us know. Thanks!

    1. Clear your console's cache

    2. Restart your console.

    3. Download your Xbox LIVE profile to the console.

    4. Go to Xbox Video>My Videos>Account Management.

    5. Press 'X' to Refresh Purchase History.

    6. Go back to Video, and try again.

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    What are the troubleshooting steps for people using the Win8 app?

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    What exactly happens when clearing system cache? When I say yes to the maintenance, the loading bar pops up for a second and disappears again. I restart but everything is still the same. My Live account loads up right away. I'm having the same problem with episode 12.

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    For the Windows 8 app, you'll need to delete the app and redownload it.  

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    Hey guys,

    @TheTravManN  Clearing your console's cache clears data stored in your console's temporary memory.  Like clearing cookies from an internet browser, in a sense.  After doing that step, you'll want to continue to follow the steps that Mister Ohnaka has posted above.  Once you've completed them all, then try the video and let us know the results.

    @TehAnteh  What airmattdog says above for re-installing the app on your Windows 8 device is correct.  We like to add a step that completely uninstalls the app:

    1) Right-click on the app's tile

    2) Select "Uninstall" and confirm

    3) From the Metro UI, type"WSReset.exe" and press enter

    4) After you see a confirmation that the store cache has been reset, restart the computer.

    5) Re-install (re-download)  the app.

    Complete those steps and let us know your results.


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    I have also had issues with the Xbox Support in this matter.  This is not just a Walking Dead issue but across the board on multiple shows.  I have wasted 1800 points since 12/27/2012 on episodes when a Season Pass was purchased.  When I brought this up to multiple Support personel I was told that it was not an XBox Live issue but a VENDOR ISSUE.  That is complete malarkey!!!!  If everyone here seems to have issues, why would it be a vendor issue.  Xbox, you are loosing customers!

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    Hey TheStig,

    If you are having issues with a particular show or movie, could you create a new thread and post the details there? We are more than happy to help you out!