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How/where do I delete downloaded Xbox Music across my Windows 8 phone, laptop, etc?

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Where/how can I delete downloaded Xbox music pass music across my linked devices?  

I generally download music to my windows 8 phone, but can't find where I can delete music from my collection (at the artist, album or song level) when I'm using my phone (without hunting for the downloaded files themselves on storage).   There seems to be NO way to remove music there.

And on my Windows 8 laptop (no touchscreen) I see there's a way to delete music song by song, but it's incredibly laborious once you get to the delete option and then click through confirmations. The UI makes it easy to download more music but not to manage it (remove unwanted songs, artists, albums) across my devices.

Maybe I'm missing something? Hope so.

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    If you are looking to delete music on your WP8, you have to do it per album. To do this, choose the album so you can see the individual tracks, then at the bottom of the screen, you should see a little "check list" option. Tap that, then you can check each song, then just choose the trash can at the bottom, and it will delete those chosen tracks. 

    Or, if you have the music on both your Windows 8 PC, and your WP8, you can delete the music from both in one fell swoop!

    To do so, open Xbox Music on your PC. Then hit the bottom right corner to pull out your Charms Bar. Choose Settings, then Preferences, and make sure both settings for "Xbox Music Cloud" are both ON. 

    Next, navigate to an album you wish to delete, and open it so you can see the individual tracks. Select all the tracks (click on a track, and then push ctrl+a to select all). When you have all the tracks selected, just choose the delete option at the bottom of the screen, and that is it.

    It may take a few minutes for the change to be synced between all your devices, but that should do it for ya!

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    I was having a similar problem of - I purchased an album on my windows 8 PC through the Xbox music app.  I then synced it to my phone using the windows phone 8 app.  I appeared to be left with duplicate tracks - one steaming and one physical.  I think this is a bug and the songs should have "matched" on my device.

    However to get round the problem - goto "Settings" > "Application settings" > "Music & videos".  The 2nd option down is "Xbox music collection" - turn this off.  Your phone will then no longer check your marched cloud collection.

    If you wanted to sync your music to your phone, you would then have to connect it to a PC.

    As an aside, if you want to delete albums on your phone after choosing the select button as described above, you can then press the "3 dots" to choose "select all".

    Hope this helps.