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Xbox Music Pass Auto Renew issue

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Hello --- I received an email stating I have renewed my xbox music pass -- Unfortunately the payment method it claims it took the money from is no longer active, so I'm curious how they've done that. Also I no longer have an xbox so I do not wish for the service to be renewed. Could you cancel and process and refunds if payment has been taken?

I chose to ignore the reminder belieiving the payment would 'Bounce' and I could forget about it. However I've received the email of confirmation today.

This mail is confirmation that you have successfully renewed your subscription to 12 Month Music Pass (Best Value). This renewal goes into effect on April-08-13. Please retain a copy of this for your records. Here is a description of the service:

Thanks for any help.

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    Hey K1rkl4nd,

    You are going to want to get a hold of the official Microsoft Chat support for the Xbox Music Pass about your options with that Pass renewal.  You can get started on the Contact Us page for Xbox Music Pass.

    They should be able to take care of that for you.

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