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    My gamertag dZeuzb has been banned while i was away at college for spring term, when i came back to log on my account had been banned until 12/31/9999. It has had me puzzled because i dont know what i could of done. I havent been on it since december 29, 2011. ive been on the phone to an xbox live representative and they said to post this and she said that they were gonna start an investigation on why it had been banned. she said that she thinks she has seen some activity on it in the past 12 weeks but highly doubts it was me. i just need some light shed on why it has come to this. i hope this investigation comes out to where i get my account back, i spend a lot of money on that thing every year to keep it up and running. ive been apart of xbox live since 2007 and ive never had a problem like this. 

    So thankyou to whomever solves this problem the right way.

    [MOD EDIT]

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    This Xbox LIVE account has been permanently suspended due to unauthorized modification of your Gamertag, avatar or other profile data.

    These modifications may include, but are not limited to:

    -     Altering the appearance of your Gamertag or avatar outside of the default parameters

    -     Illegitimate gain of achievements or avatar awards

    -     Application of watermarks or other special identifiers that were not legitimately granted

    -     Unauthorized manipulation of in-game parameters

    To help avoid future account suspensions, please review the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct and the Terms of Use here: