Permanent suspension when my family on holiday in Greece ???? Xbox Live Account NOT played while on holiday ?? or has it ??????

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    With reference to my telephone conversation with xbox live (microsoft).............

    The circumstances...........

    Returned from a 2 Week family holiday in Greece today (19/08/11), my wife & my 2 sons ! Really tired due to very early flight home went to bed for a few hours.

    Now awake....bite to eat....wife busy sorting the huge mountain of washing (LoL) & kids....well.....XBOX LIVE....'yes please' out of our hair for a while :-)

    Son comes downstairs to say 'his xbox live account has been permanently suspended until Dec/9999 ???? eh ?? Why ??????

    I read email sent to my email address only for it to tell me pretty much NOTHING ??

    I contact Xbox Live by phone to basically be told there is nothing can be done ??

    I explain weve been on holiday for 2 weeks....account was fine when we went it isnt ????

    Xbox is a 'STANDARD' NO WAY MODIFIED (wouldnt know how to anyway??) xbox & as far as we know hasnt been played for 2 weeks (& a day to be precise) ??

    We have 2 cats & a kind neighbour (whom weve known & trusted for 16years) had a key & looked after house  & cats during our holiday :-)

    Our neighbour has a 15yr old (xbox mad) son (Doh !!).......RULES WHILE WE WERE AWAY WERE FOR NEIGHBOUR TO FEED CATS & CHECK ON HOUSE AT REGULAR INTERVALS ! Not, as we suspect ?? for her son to play my sons Xbox (which we know 100% hasnt happened)(Hmmmmm ??)

    Anyway.......return from holiday....sons account banned.....& as far as we are concerned BANNED DUE TO AN ILLEGAL ACTIVITY (namely......UNORTHORISED USE OF MY SONS XBOX LIVE ACCOUNT) !!

    We cant prove my neighbours son has used my sons account resulting in it getting banned & microsoft (xbox live) are un-willing to give us information as to whether my sons account was or has been used during the time we were on holiday which has resulted in it being banned ??

    Due to this i have asked Microsoft (xbox live) to conduct a FULL investigation into the times & reasons of the ban & they have refused this ??

    If the reasons for the ban have occured during the time we were on holiday then it is proof of an ILLEGAL ACTIVITY being the reason for my sons banned account !

    I need answers to this or unfortunately will have to call in the police to investigate ?

    My son recently spent his pocket money re-newing his account for 12 months, an account he has had for some 4 years ! HES DEVASTATED !

    The rep i spoke with did tell me however that a lot of 'Modified' (random) games are Rife at the moment with a game my son plays (Call of duty), along with the only game my neighbours son always talks about & plays.

    Due to this my suspicion is (????) my neighbours son has either ILLEGALLY WITH-OUT CONSENT taken my sons harddrive (with profile on) & played these so called 'Modified' games (??) on his own Xbox at his own home ?? or.......played my sons account again 'ILLEGALLY WITH-OUT CONSENT' on my sons Xbox at my own home ?????

    I Just dont know nor can prove :-(

    This can easily be confirmed by Microsoft (Xbox Live) if they can tell me the DATES & REASONS leading to the lifetime ban !!

    As far as im concerned AN ILLEGAL ACTIVITY has resulted in my sons account being banned !!

    If dates given are from before we went on holiday ?? then my full apologies to Microsoft (Xbox Live) & message to my son 'TUFF LUCK' you shud have known better !

    But he categorically denies ANY WRONG DOING which would give reason to his ban....& as his dad...i believe him ! All dads would unless proven 100% otherwise !

    Dates we were on holiday were from : went away on 05/08/2011 returned 19/08/2011

    Message to Microsoft (Xbox Live) please reply to this post via my main email address (same as linked to xbox live gamerteg HzD ReLoAdZ) which is [edited by moderator]

    Please Help a very frustrated Dad & upset Son :-) x x thankyou

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    So...   "HzD x ReLoAdZ" was hit for offering infections to harass another player.  It looks like "HzD x ReLoAdZ" was pretending to give infections and was just taking the points codes, then making fun of his victims.  Bottom line, your son is responsible for his account at ALL TIMES.  What's interesting to me is that "oO HQ BuZz Oo" is on the same console and was active throughout your holiday as well. "HzD x ReLoaDz" to "oO HQ BuZz Oo" 2011-08-08  "HIIIIIIIIIIIII DADDD"

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