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System Update Crash/Freeze

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I'm looking for some help. I just picked up a new copy of Rage. Got home, put it my 360 and it said I needed to perform a system update in order to play the game. About half way through the update being applied a message appeared stating "Can't read the update from the disc. Please reinsert the disc to continue the update" Status code: 3151-351F-2800-0F00-C000-0034. Has my 360 just been bricked? I have not performed any mods/enhancements. I have opened it on several occasions because of the DVD lens track not engaging. It worked fine last night; I played Orange Box for several hours. Thanks for any help in advance.

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    I just fixed the problem. Downloaded update to USB drive on PC then transferred update to 360 console via USB drive. Directions here:

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    why is there no RAGE forum :S I can't find it!

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    Hi, i've got the Problem that the game won't start after I installed the scorcher pack. The menu started, then when I start a loaded or a new game the loading Screen freezes and nothing happens. I have to restart the X-Box. Can someone help me?

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    Hey there Kal! Please go ahead and make a new thread detailing your issue and any steps you've taken so far to fix it. That is how these forums work best as it lets us tailor our support to your specific issue. Thanks! ^_^

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