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Connecting an old xbox 360 to a new TV

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I have a white xbox 360 and use the standard component plugs to hook up to my HDTV at the moment. I have just bought a new TV that doesn not have the component (or standard AV) inputs.  The TV also only has 1 scart plug socket, which is being used by a sky box so I cannot use the scart adapter (which I have since lost anyway). The only other inputs into the TV are HDMI ports, but as I have the older 360 I cannot use a HDMI cable. 

Is there an adapter I can get (similar to the scart adapter) that will allow me to plug the component cables into a HD port - and still get HD quality picture?

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    What is the TV Model?

    Comp to DVI

    Here is a box Comp to HDMI

    Do some searching and you will find one that is right for you

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