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How do I delete a user profile from the console?

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Hello, We created 3 profiles on the console before setting up XBox Live accounts.  When I downloaded the "Live" profiles, they added 3 more, instead of merging with the first three.  So how do I delete the first three?  This XBox makes me feel like a complete idiot. 

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    From the main Dashboard screen, go over to the right heading under "Settings".
    Select "System", then "Storage".
    Select "Hard Drive".
    Select "Gamer Profiles".
    Select the Gamer Profile you would like to delete. You are given the options "Delete Profile Only" or "Delete Profile with Items". Both options descriptions are listed in the pop-up.

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    Thanks for the answer to my issue as well =)

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    Also, to be sure that your profile is deleted, Please do the following:

    Select "System"

    Select "Storage"

    Hover over your "Hard Drive"

    Press "Y"

    Select "Clear System Cache"

    This will make sure it is 100% deleted.

    First follow "A for Amnesty" step by step guide, then do mine.

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    Hello , only  i recomend delete profiles , before you engage your real profile , the other  steps is explained up.Thanks

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    I am having an issue with deleting a profile. I have my xbox live account ( gold ), but I also have set

    Up 2 other accounts but not as live accounts so my little boy can play with his buddy on my xbox

    Now the trouble being is that his friend created another profile as player 1. I want to delete player 1

    From the xbox but I keep getting an error message saying that this profile cannot be deleted. Also

    If I try to move the profile to the thumb drive it also tells me I cannot move this account, all this happens

    when I am signed into my gold account. What am I doing wrong

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    Are you signed into the player 1 account when trying to delete it, or are you signed into your account when trying to delete it?

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    me too!!!  Why can't you just get on a computer and play a game anymore?!?

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    Will this delete my account forever? Or will it take it off the XBOX console?

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    Hello Bluecastlelump

    This will remove it from the Console you can re-download it again if need be. :)

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    Go to ' System Settings' > 'Storage' > Select Storage Device > 'Profiles' > Press 'A' on account not wanted > 'Delete'

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    Thank's for the helpful info!